After I scheduled this finished project photo session with the customer, she called the office and asked the office manager to please pass along a message to me. That message was that her Best TV cabinet was covered in cobwebs, so I might not want to come and take photos of it. I told her that I would go and look at it, and that I could edit them out if needed.

When I arrived at her home, the woman was taking her trash out to the curb, so she invited me to come through the side gate and into her yard to take the photos.

She had a beautiful pavilion with a pergola coming off the side, an outdoor fireplace, and a Best TV cabinet. She also had a privacy wall with openings with spaces to allow the breeze to come through. As soon as I saw the Best TV cabinet, I saw what she was referring to as cobwebs. It was the week before Halloween, and she had her outdoor living space completely decked out and decorated in Halloween décor! The cobwebs were not spidered webs made by actual spiders, she had covered the Best TV cabinet in fake cobwebs, which were essentially cotton material. It was not something that I could edit out, but I was excited to get photos of a decorated and themed outdoor living space that I could post on social media.

The privacy wall was also covered in fake cobwebs as well as large fake spiders. In front were two black rocking chairs and a black and white table that coordinated with the black and orange décor.

The outdoor fireplace was made from a brick and rock combination and the brick portion was painted white, and was flocked with orange, green and white decorative pumpkins. There were also pots of blooming flowers on either side of the hearth filled with purple, yellow, and white flowers.

The Best TV cabinet was stained a brown color that really popped against the white fireplace. There was a Dallas Cowboys neon sign placed above the Best TV cabinet, so I am sure that they enjoy watching the football games outside in their outdoor living space.

Two large evergreen trees flanked the sides of the outdoor fireplace and looked like they probably add an element of décor to space all year round.

A smiling jack lantern pumpkin sat on the concrete patio in front of the fireplace and welcomed me as I took photos.

An outdoor living space provides you with an extra room in your home where you can relax and read a book knowing that you are covered by a pergola or a pavilion and will be protected from the rain and shaded from the sun.

An outdoor fireplace that will keep you warm and give you a place to cook hot dogs or smores.

A TV enclosure where you can safely and stylishly store your television so that you can watch your favorite shows outside.

A privacy wall that will not only give you privacy but will block the winds and keep bugs away. Cedar shutters that come stationary or operational to give you extra light and a bit of a breeze where privacy walls are installed.

Outdoor kitchens that now mimic indoor kitchens and allow you to cook a full meal outside on your patio.

Swimming pools that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and colors with or without steps and a deep end that can be heated for year-round enjoyment.

Fire pits that are perfect for sitting around and enjoying a visit with family and friends. Also, nice to cook with.

Semicircle benches that are both decorative and functional and provide extra permanent patio seating that do not have to be moved around or cared for like patio furniture.

Composite decks to put a hot tub on or just for an expanded patio.

Fences and railings to add security to your backyard.

Patio concrete to place a pergola on, or just an expansion around a swimming pool.

Retaining walls around a swimming pool to keep wash out from flooding your pool.

Pavers and flagstones that come stamped and decorated.

PMH also has several packages that include a combination of several of these projects and can be modified to fit your needs and your budget.

With many different stain color options to choose from, you can have the outdoor living space of your dream custom designed, built and installed by a talented team of professionals that have been in business for over fifteen years and are the highest-rated and most reviewed in the state.

Call today to schedule your free estimate and to get on the calendar.

Be sure to inquire about the 3D design services that PMH offers that will give you the opportunity to see your projects before they are built and installed in your backyard.

PMH has partnered with an international company that provides care to needy children all over the country.

PMH donates a portion of every project they sell to this organization and it provides food, medical care, school and church to thousands of needy kids in third world countries.

PMH loves to give back after being so blessed with so many jobs. They are grateful for what they have and love being able to give a portion of that to those in need.

The fun part for the customer is that they have the option of choosing the child they would like the funds from their project donated to.

Thank you to PMH and their customers for saving lives.