We can now offer you a wide range of financing options.

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Hearth Financing

Loan Amount

Up to $35,000

Up to $100,000

Up to $100,000

Average Approval Time

Same Day

Usually within 15 minutes

A Few Days

Time it takes to get funded

48 Hours

24 Hours

A Few Days

Will Finance Pools?

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Yes Check
Yes Check

Credit Requirements




Upto 60 Months (Unsecured)

Rates Between 9.95% and 16.99%

Up to 12 Years (Unsecured)

Rates between 4.99% to 34.70%

Up to 20 Years (Unsecured)

Rates as low as 2.99%

Example Loan

Loan: $7,500

Down Payment: $0

Interest Rate: 9.95%

Terms: 60 Months

Payment: $159.12


Loan: $100,000

Down Payment: $0

Interest Rate: 5%

Terms: 12 Years

Payment: $924.00

Loan: $40,000

Down Payment: $0

Interest Rate: 6.99%

Terms: 12 Years

Payment: $309.88

You as the homeowner are in control of the credit card.

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