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Liner Pools

Our inground / above ground pools are made with the highest quality materials and our attention to detail is unmatched. If you are in the market for a pool, you will not regret considering a liner pool as an option for you Oklahoma City outdoor living space. There are multiple reasons why you should consider a liner pool.

  1. Price
    The cost of a liner pool is significantly cheaper than a traditional concrete pool. Although this may not be the deciding factor for your project, a liner pool will allow you to spend much less on the pool so that you can afford more hardscapes and landscaping around the pool when you are done. Pricing on Liner pools are usually around half the price of concrete pools.
  2. Quick to install
    Liner pools are easy to install due to the fact that they are already pre-built as kit from a manufacturer. They are simple to install because they come with instructions and almost all of the parts needed to install them. Installing a pool kit yourself is not recommended but a trained professional can install a pool kit fairly easy. The full installation of a liner pool is usually 2-3 weeks given there is no bad weather as opposed to 3-4 months for concrete pools.
  3. Customizable
    A big misunderstanding with liner pools is their ability to be customized. Although the are installed as a kit, there are many options to choose from prior to ordering the pool. A few of the main options are the shape of the pool. Some of the main shapes are Rectangle, Freeform (kidney bean), Round, and grecian. Choose from fully below ground or above ground, Add custom steps wherever you want in the pool, pick your own colors, set the desired depth of the pool, etc.


Our liner pool process is quite simple. It all starts with our initial appointment where we come and see your Oklahoma City outdoor living space. We will talk about your ideas and goals, take measurements and pictures, and show you samples and colors. We take that information back to our design team and design your pool and build an estimate right down to the very penny. We will then present the quote and design to you and collect a down payment if you are ready to move forward.

Phases of Pool Installation

Step 1:

After you have decided to hire PMHOKC to build a pool for your Oklahoma City outdoor living space, we will confirm all of the details and get an architectural drawing of the pool that shows all of the details and dimensions. This will be given to you and you will approve this. Once that is done, the pool kit will be ordered.


Step 2:

A custom template will be layed down at your Oklahoma City outdoor living space at the exact area where you want the pool built and we will spray paint the outline of the pool to confirm the placement. We will will over-dig 3ft around the entire pool. This whole process including the digging usually lasts 2 days.


Step 3:

The pool walls will be assembled and leveled at the ideal height. A laser level will be used for this for quality of work. Assembling the pool walls will take about 2-3 days. After the walls are installed, 8” thick of concrete is poured around the entire pool to hold all of the frames in place. This makes the pool extremely strong and is the primary support of the walls from moving after installation.


Step 4:

Plumbing will be ran around the pool for the what is needed to keep the pool kit. An electrician will also install LED lights and ground the pool with copper wire which will be inspected by the city. Once this has passed inspection, Gravel backfill will be added around the pool. An 8” thick concrete ring will also be poured around the top of the pool for support of the coping.


Step 5:

Coping will be installed on the top after the concrete ring is poured. After that, a special material called “Poolcrete” is installed on the bottom of the floor of the pool to prep for the liner and make a smooth surface. Foam will be added on top of the steps of the pool. This is mainly added for the comfort of our customers.


Step 6:

Liner is installed and start filling the pool with water. The concrete around the pool is usually poured around this time too. Once the water is half way up on the pool, almost all wrinkles should start to disappear and the LED lights will be cut into the walls. Once filled up, the pool will need to be filtered for a couple days to clear out the dirt from construction. You are now ready to swim in your new pool at your Oklahoma City outdoor living space.


If you are interested in a pool, we would love to speak with you and show you up close what we have to offer. Our team is prepared to give you the royal treatment. We have a 13,000 sq ft showroom with a liner pool built for you to see up close. Typically when you make a large purchase, you will want to see samples and examples. Our showroom is a walk-in portfolio that makes that process simple and easy. Please give us a call 405-881-7640 and speak with staff about getting an appointment for a free estimate or come in our showroom at 7940 NW 39th Expressway Bethany, OK 73008. We would love to come and see your Oklahoma City outdoor living space and design and build a space that fits your budget and needs.

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