Outdoor Fireplaces

Our experience in building custom outdoor fireplaces includes everything from simple, standalone brick fireplaces to large custom stonework outdoor fireplaces with integrated wood-burning pizza ovens and much more. Our specialty is in combining many elements—including patios, outdoor fireplaces, pergolas, water features, and more—to create a unique, cohesive outdoor living space where memories are made.


Outdoor fireplaces maybe one of the most elegant pieces in your backyard. They are beautiful, functional, and will turn anyone’s head when they walk into your Oklahoma City outdoor living space. When it comes to fire features, you can pretty much narrow it down to Fireplace’s and fire pits. You can’t go wrong with either option, but an outdoor fireplace is the holy Grail of all fire features.

If you are looking to build an out Oklahoma City outdoor living space, there are a few different factors to consider when you are building an outdoor fireplace. Choosing the right material and location are some of the biggest factors to consider.

Outdoor fireplaces candy build out of any material. The inside of all of our fireplaces are built out of fire rated brick with fire rated flu tiles to line the chimney. What you choose on the outside, which is what you see, is completely up to you and is 100% cosmetic. This material has no functional purpose other than to please your eyes and compliment your space. Once you know what you were going to build it out of, choosing the right location may be the most important decision. An Oklahoma City outdoor living space will usually benefit from a fireplace for one or more reasons. Some of the main benefits are shade, privacy, or use it as a wind block, aesthetics, etc.

When considering a fireplace for your Oklahoma City outdoor living space, there are many upgrades that you can add to your fireplace to give it that custom look. We custom make cedar mantles which will add a nice accent. You can also go very functional and add firewood storage holes below the heart or on the side. We can add extra seating on the sides of the fireplace so that you can entertain more people for your Oklahoma City outdoor living space.

Some of our most popular types of fireplaces are made out of brick and have stone accents. This gives you a very high-end look and will match your house so that you can break up that all brick and create some fancy designs.

Here at PMHOKC, we have been known for our fireplaces for many years. We started building fireplaces back in 2005. After building the first one, it was contagious, and we started doing more fireplace. Fast-forward 14 years, we are the top fireplace builder in all of Oklahoma.

Safety & Building Codes

Although beautiful and functional, building a safe fireplace is extremely crucial. There is more to building a fireplace that what you see on the outside. Fireplace must be airtight and at the right height. Building codes require the tops of fireplaces to be no less than 10ft away from shingles or nearby structures. The only exception is that they can go two feet above the peak and still pass code. Fireplace are normally built with a hearth in front. These are usually known as benches and serve a dual purpose for that but in reality, they are used to help keep logs from rolling out of the fireplace when the wood settles. When a log rolls out of a fireplace from when it settles, it has a high likelihood of burning someone or catching something nearby on fire. Hearths can be built in any shape or size so that they help you achieve the look you are after for your Oklahoma City Outdoor living area.


Our Proven Process

Our fireplaces are guaranteed to work for you. We have years of data behind what we do and what works and doesn’t work. Like anything in construction, you need a strong foundation. Every fireplace we build will have a 18” deep footing with rebar tied throughout. If the fireplace in on top of fill dirt, we install piers to prevent settling. Our fire boxes are built with 2” thick fire brick with fire rate mortar between them. The chimney is built with fire rated flutiles. All of our fireplaces come with upgraded 13×17” flutiles to give the fireplace the greatest amount of draw and airflow. When we look at your area, we will determine the right height of your fireplace so that it draws correctly and meets code. There is nothing worse than a fireplace that pulls smoke from the bottom. The height of your fireplace is very important to this. We also install a chimney cap on top of our outdoor fireplaces that prevent any sparks from leaving and keep rain and birds out so that you can have peace of mind.


Custom Fireplaces

The word “Custom” gets used quite frequently in construction because of how unique every backyard is. There’s always something that makes an Oklahoma City outdoor living space different. When it comes to building custom fireplaces, being able to back up what you say is very important. We would invite you to check out our portfolio of fireplace on our website under the services tab. You will see a wide range of fireplaces that will assist you in ideas and inspire you to build something similar or challenge you to design something similar with your own personal spin on it.

We have a fully stocked show room with several fireplaces to look at with many options and add-ons. You can also visit our way gallery of photos and see many styles and custom fireplaces. We love doing custom work. When building an Oklahoma City outdoor living space, you need an expert to help you and guide you through the process.

We offer 3D design services that can help you visualize what your fireplace will look like. This is a very fun and enjoyable process that will help you make that final decision on style and placement of your new fireplace. Our designs will incorporate everything in your backyard into the design so that you will feel like you are in the picture yourself.