When I arrived at this home to take finished project photos, I found the homeowner at her house and she was already in her backyard with her sister and they were swimming in her swimming pool.

The woman had just purchased brand new patio furniture to place underneath her pavilion and in front of her outdoor fireplace OKC.

She quickly started cutting the tags off and cleaning the cushions for the photos. I visited with her for a few minutes before I started taking photos. She said that her husband is out of state for work several weeks out of the month, so her pregnant sister stays with her at the house and they help each other out, and they both get to enjoy the outdoor living space that PMH designed, built and installed in the backyard, which included a large pavilion, an outdoor fireplace OKC a cedar TV cabinet mounted onto the outdoor fireplace OKC as well as decorative stamped concrete under the pavilion and outdoor fireplace OKC and around the swimming pool.

After I finished taking all the photos of the pavilion, the cedar TV cabinet, the decorative stained concrete and the outdoor fireplace OKC, she told me that I was lucky that I arrived when I did because she had just finished putting her dogs in their kennels. I told her that I was not afraid of dogs and that I have a side business taking professional lifestyle photographs of people’s pets.

She got excited when I told her that and she started asking a million questions about my photography business. I asked her what kind of dogs she has. She said that she has four Turner and Hooch dogs. Then I was the one who got excited. I love that movie, and I have never seen one of those breeds of dogs in person, so she called for them and all four came out and they were the most amazing dogs! They were huge! We talked about them for a while and she said that she has two males and two females and that they do not all get along, and she would love to have me over sometime to take photos of them.

After we visited about her dogs, I asked her if she would be interested in doing the thirty-second video review. She hesitated, but eventually agreed to do it! She sat on the hearth of her outdoor fireplace OKC and she kept it short and very positive. I was able to get both the outdoor fireplace OKC and the cedar TV enclosure in the video to showcase both.

As I was leaving, she asked me for one of my business cards. I gave her both my PMH and my pet photography cards.

I hope that she contacts me to photograph her dogs. They were so beautiful and impressive.

If you are interested in having a pavilion installed in your backyard, call the PMH office and they will schedule your appointment. They give free in-home estimates six days a week.

If you have a pavilion in your backyard, you can host all kinds of events for your friends and family and you will not have to rent a pavilion at a park. There are so many pros to having a pavilion versus renting one. You do not have to cook or buy the food and drinks ahead of time and haul them out to the rented pavilion, where that may be. You can prepare and cook everything in your own kitchen in your home and simply carry it into your backyard. To make things even easier, you can have PMH install an outdoor kitchen underneath your pavilion and you can do all your cooking outside.

With an outdoor fireplace and an outdoor cedar TV cabinet, you can entertain your guests as well and they can relax and feel more comfortable.

PMH is the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in Oklahoma City, and they have been doing business in the sooner state for over fifteen years. During that time, they have added on to their growing list of outdoor living space projects that they are able to design, build, and install in their customer’s backyards. Some of those includes half pergolas, freestanding pergolas, pavilions (and all these products are made from western red cedar) privacy walls, fire pits (made from brick or rock or a combination of both) pavers, flagstones, retaining walls, patio concrete (new or expanded) swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, and more.

PMH can turn your outdoor living space into a dream destination so that you will never feel like you must take a vacation. You can just travel to your own backyard.

Call today and PMH (Perfect My Home) will get you on your way!