How often have you purchased something, only to get home and try it and realize you do not like it. That can happen with anything from clothing to makeup, but when it comes to food, it is difficult to return it to the store once it has been opened and consumed. At the BBQ Grill Store OKC, you can try it before you buy it. They have hundreds of edible barbecue sauces, barbecue rubs, and barbecue dust that you can sample and try before you buy.

The BBQ Grill Store OKC sells grills, outdoor kitchen appliances, and pergola accessories, among other outdoor living space products. Inside the BBQ Grill Store, OKC is a Man Cave where you can sample all the edible items and find one that you like before you buy it. You can try them on plain, unsalted pretzels, by themself on a spoon, or every Friday you can try them on fresh-popped popcorn. While you are at Patio Galaxy trying to sample all their products, you can shop for many other items from the following popular barbecue brands: Big Green Egg who is known for their bright, shiny green kamado-style smoker and grill. They come in a variety of sizes from a tailgate size that can be placed in the bed of a truck to an extra-large size that can be built into an outdoor kitchen. Blaze makes outdoor kitchen appliances in high quality but affordable price range that will fit into everyone’s budget. They have everything from griddles to trash cans.

Lynx makes a high-end line of outdoor kitchen accessories that will make your neighbors jealous when they come over to admire your outdoor living space. Kamado Joe is another popular brand of kamado-style grill and smoker. Twin Eagles makes kitchen equipment specifically for outdoor kitchens that are designed and built-in homeowner’s backyards. Del Sol is another brand of kitchen appliance that is marketed and sold at the BBQ Grill Store OKC Delta Heat makes outdoor kitchen appliances that are popular around the United States and compete with Del Sol, Twin Eagles, and Lynx, and Blaze. All similar but slightly different.

Suckle Busters is a new brand of sauces and rubs that Patio Galaxy recently started carrying and has become very popular among customers who buy them after they try them. Bull makes kitchen appliances for outdoor kitchens. Primo makes a kamado-style grill that is similar in style to Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe and like the different brands of outdoor kitchen appliances, these three have similarities and differences and when you visit the store, the staff can educate you on those things to help you decide which is the best fit for you and your family. The BBQ Grill Store OKC also sells Lion, and Lion also makes a line of impressive outdoor kitchen appliances Coyote is known for its lump coal. Lump coal is used in smokers and grills and is a favorite of barbecue enthusiasts.

AOG stands for American Outdoor Grills. Fire Magic is sold at the BBQ Grill Store OKC and is a favorite of many. Stop in and you will see why! Fireplace Inserts makes log grates for outdoor fireplaces. Patio Galaxy’s sister company is a construction company that designs, builds, and installs outdoor living space projects and if you buy an outdoor fireplace from them, you can purchase the fireplace grate at a discount from Patio Galaxy. Elk Creek is another brand that is sold at Patio Galaxy.

Green Mountain Grill is sold at Patio Galaxy, and by now you will realize that there are very few brands that they do not carry. They have all the most popular brands available in their store, as well as some of the newer brands that have just hit the market. Bad Byron’s Butt Rub has a fun label and a great taste and is one of the best sellers at Patio Galaxy. People like to buy this product as a gag gift, but quickly realize when they hear from the recipient that it tastes great, so they end up trying it and then buying it for themselves. Making it a hot seller.

Kanyon Furniture makes Adirondack chairs and tables for outdoor living spaces fit in quite well with our BBQ Grill Store OKC. The material they are made from has the color all the way through, it is a solid color material made in a variety of colors so if they get nicked, you can’t tell. They are very durable, so they will not likely get nicked, but things do happen on occasion. Another reason the solid color comes in handy is so that if the sun fades it from being outside for years, it will not be noticeable since the color goes all the way through. Kosmos is a local brand that is very popular among Oklahomans. Patio Galaxy sells their sauces and rubs and dust. Every Friday you can go to Patio Galaxy and try the Kosmos Wing Dust on freshly popped popcorn.

Ooni Pizza Oven is one of the few brands of pizza ovens that Patio Galaxy sells. Since they can cost anywhere from one hundred dollars to one hundred thousand dollars, they typically leave it up to the customer to purchase the one they want. Traeger is one of the most popular brands of grills sold at Patio Galaxy. It is like the designer clothing that everyone wants. Smokin Brothers round out the list of brands that Patio Galaxy sells. Now that you know about the long list of brands and the variety of products sold at Patio Galaxy, what are you waiting for? Stop by today or visit their online store.