At BBQ Grills OKC you can choose from many different brands, styles, and types of grills. There are twenty different brands to choose from at BBQ Grills OKC so you can find one that fits your style and your pocketbook! The Big Green Egg is an all-in-one grill that allows you to grill and smoke a variety of foods. The Big Green Egg has a lifetime warranty and is guaranteed to never rust, jam, or wear out. When you buy a Big Green Egg, you automatically become a member of an elite group of barbecue enthusiasts who love to spend their time cooking outdoors.

Blaze Grills is recommended most by the owner of BBQ Grills OKC for many reasons, including the quality and the price. Blaze Grills offers twenty different types of grills from portable grills to gas grills to charcoal grills. Blaze Grills is passionate about outdoor cooking and they have turned that passion into a product so that everyone who has the same passion can enjoy cooking outside while using a great product. Lynx Grills are truly a work of art, and you will have to pay the price for this piece of art that doubles as a place to cook your food. Lynx Grills are as beautiful as they are functional. When you buy a Lynx Grill, you will live the Lynx life. A life like no other, and you will be able to cook food like no other. They offer built-in grills called Sedona Grills, and Freestanding grills, also part of the Sedona family.

Kamado Joe is the original kamado-style grill that also doubles as a smoker. They have several sizes of their ceramic grill to choose from including the cleverly named Big Joe III, the Classic II, the Big Joe II, the Classic III, and so one—you get the picture! The Kamado Joe comes in a striking, glossy red color that will make an impression in your backyard’s outdoor kitchen. Twin Eagles ranks right up there with Lynx Grills. They are a high-end grill company that produces a beautiful and useful product for your outdoor kitchen and patio. They offer built-in premium grills, a pellet grill, a super-premium grill, and a freestanding grill.

Like the Big Green Egg, Del Sol also offers a lifetime warranty on all their products, because they are that confident about the craftsmanship behind them. They are known for their Del Sol American Muscle Grill. Delta Heat grills are made in America and offer a premium product for any outdoor cooking enthusiast. Bull BBQ has an outlet store with unbeatable prices, but Patio Galaxy will still match or beat that price! They offer the lowest prices in the nation on every product in their store.

Like the Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe, Primo is another competitor in the kamado-style grill family. One of the biggest differences is the color. Primo is a shiny black grill, so it might appeal to those who do not want to be stuck with a bright green or a bright red for the rest of their life, and want something that will coordinate and blend in with their outdoor living space. Remember that once you invest in a kamado grill, you will have it for a lifetime! There are other minor differences between the three kamado grills that Patio Galaxy carries, and the sales team and manager will gladly share those with you when you come into the store to shop for you next grill, or maybe it is your first grill! Everyone has their own specific needs and wants when it comes to grills and outdoor cooking, and that is why Patio Galaxy offers all three brands in every single style they have available. They want to have something for everyone.
Lion Premium Grills offers just two luxurious stainless-steel gas grills. They like to keep things simple.

Coyote Grills offer a pellet grill, which is becoming one of the most popular types of grills to have in your backyard, and the S-series grill which is a built-in grill. A C-series freestanding grill, as well as a smoker. AOG stands for American Outdoor Grill and they offer built-in and standalone grills as well as patio post grills that will work in any backyard but are idea in parks and apartments because they have a small profile.

Fire Magic Grills are the grills that many experts choose to use when cooking outdoors. They offer built-in Echelon Grills and standalone grills, and even countertop and post grills. Something that makes them stand apart from their competitors is their see-through grill which allows you to watch your food cook and to see it from start to finish. Other brands include Green Mountain Grill, Traeger, and Smokin’ Brothers.

There are so many to choose from that you will be able to find one that fits into your budget, and BBQ Grills OKC has a great reputation for only offering the best BBQ Grills OKC, so even if you are on a tight budget, or do not want to spend a lot of money on a BBQ Grills OKC, you will still walk out with a superb product! And if you do not want to walk out of BBQ Grills OKC with your new grill, they can have it drop shipped directly to your house free of charge! And did I mention that BBQ Grills OKC offers the lowest prices in the nation?