Every customer I meet is unique at their outdoor living space project that PMH created for them. This is what makes my job so much fun, and what keeps it interesting!

One of the very first finished projects that I photographed was at a very beautiful home in a very nice neighborhood. The homeowner invited me inside and her house was amazing. Not necessarily my style of décor, but it was decorated very nicely—and she had a lot of decorations. Everything coordinated, but you could not even see the walls for all the things she has hanging on them. Her home looked like it should be in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I had just returned from a trip to Santa Fe, and her home looked like all the shops that I walked into while I was there!

She also had several pet birds; and they were kept in a very large cage. One of the largest birdcages I have ever seen in someone’s home. It took up an entire wall of her living room! It looked more like a cage you would see at the zoo. It was massive. I could tell that she spoiled her birds. I love all living things, but I have never been much of a bird person. They are pretty to look at, but you can’t hold them and snuggle with them the way you can with cats and dogs.

She took me outside to see her outdoor living space that PMH designed, built, and installed for her. It consisted of a pavilion and a fence around her above ground pool that was not a Best OKC Gunite pools.

It was fall, and the weather was starting to cool off, so she had her Best OKC Gunite pool covered, so I was not able to get a picture of it, but I am guessing that when the weather warms up, she probably gets a lot of use out of it. Oklahoma summers are ideal for Best OKC Gunite pools because it gets so hot and humid.

She told me that she had purchased all the wood herself and asked PMH if they could use it to build her project, and they agreed. She had also purchased some corrugated tin that she wanted them to use as a roofing material on her pavilion and as skirting around the deck of her above ground pool that did not look like a Best OKC Gunite pools.

The corrugated tin added a lot of rustic character to her backyard. The previous owners of the home that I live in had a carport made out of a similar-looking corrugated tin, but my husband tore it down and used it to make a ceiling inside our laundry room and it looks really cool against the modern white walls and the concrete flooring. My husband even incorporated some cedar into that room with a homemade cat tower tree that he made for our multiple cats who like to hang out in that room because of the big windows and the glass door on all three sides of the room. Great for birdwatching!

Like the inside of her home, her outdoor living space also had the look of a home you would find in New Mexico. A lot of turquoise hues mixed with browns and reds. She also had a lot of yard art, which is very popular around Santa Fe. She had art surrounding her Best OKC Gunite pools that were above ground and not made from gunite.

She had a lot of bird feeders in her yard, so I think she must be a lover of birds as pets and as wildlife. She must enjoy watching them inside her home as well as when she is outside enjoying her outdoor living space, and when she is swimming in her above-ground Best OKC Gunite pools.

I noticed an OSU (Oklahoma State University) stamped decorative rock-leaning up against the bottom of her above-ground Best OKC Gunite pool, so I am guessing she is a graduate of that school or just a big fan.

She had already done a video review, but I did collect her final paycheck. She invited me back inside and we visited for quite some time. She was very nice and friendly, and I enjoyed getting to know her while photographing her final project and seeing her birds and her pavilion and her Best OKC Gunite pools.

If you have a project that is out of the ordinary and you would like to receive a free estimate from the sales team at PMH, you can contact them by phone, by email, or through their social media pages. They have package deals and they can take drone photos and create a three-dimensional design as part of the package. That is a great way to see the project before committing to it and to make changes.

Outdoor living spaces are a big investment and it is important to get exactly what you want since you will be spending a lot of money and a lot of time enjoying it!

Outdoor living space projects are perfect for all seasons. Outdoor fireplaces for the winter and swimming pools for the summer. Fire Pits are great all year round for staying warm and cooking over. You can’t go wrong with a pergola or an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor living spaces will always add value to your home.