One of the things that sets us apart is our 3D design packages that we sell, that give our customers the opportunity to see exactly what their project is going to look like in their own backyard before they commit to it. It also gives them a chance to make any changes they would like to make to ensure that it looks exactly the way they want it to. Outdoor living spaces are big investments and it is important to us that our customers are happy and satisfied. This is especially true if they want to include one of the Best Oklahoma City Pools.
This process begins with a member of our staff going to the customer’s home and taking drone photos. Those photos are then handed over to our designer who turns takes the sketch of the project and the details of what they are wanting and making a three-dimensional design showing what the project will look like during all hours of the day and night, from sunrise to sunset, so they can really get a great vision in their head and in their mind of what the final project will look like.
A lot of our customers choose to take advantage of this, because even though they must pay a fair amount upfront, they will get it back when they purchase the project.
Last year one of our customers purchased the 3D design package which included one of the Best Oklahoma City Pools. The outdoor living space also included a retaining wall next to the pool, expanded poured concrete, and a pavilion and an outdoor kitchen. When viewing the 3D design, the pavilion was one of the things that the customer decided to move to a different side of the patio. I believe it was so that they could build the outdoor kitchen underneath it.
After the design revisions were complete, the customers purchased the package.
This was another project that was a long time coming in terms of getting to photograph it, and I was eagerly awaiting it because I had heard it turned out beautifully and the pool was amazing! After months of trying to coordinate a good day and time with the customer, I finally got it on my calendar!
I ended up arriving a few minutes early, so I parked and knocked on the door. No one was home. I walked around back to see if they were outside, but they were not. They did not have a fence or a gate of any kind, so I walked around and looked at their Best Oklahoma City Pools and pavilion. The Best Oklahoma City Pools had a retractable cover on it. The pavilion was covered in café lights. We had ended up holding off on the kitchen until they are ready to move on to phase two of the project.
I waited a few more minutes and then called the customer. She apologized for running late and said that she was on her way. I told her not to hurry because I had arrived a little early. She and her daughter arrived shortly, and they asked if they could get changed and cleaned up while I took the photos. I told them to take their time!
I took photos from every angle and direction. I always like to get photos of the project from both the guests and the owner’s point of view. This is nice when people are considering us for their projects, because they get to view it as they would if they were sitting beneath it or looking at it from their backdoor. It also shows more detail and the craftmanship.
The customer’s young daughter came out and offered to remove the retractable cover from the top of their Best Oklahoma City Pools. The pool was stunning! I am personally drawn to the rectangle shape pools. I like the modern look of them. They remind me of the pools I have seen at upscale hotels in big cities. I took more photos of the pool.
Her mom came out and thanked me for allowing her to get cleaned up before she did the video review. She and her family had been staying in a hotel since their home flooded two weeks before. Their business had also been closed due to the pandemic, and she had recently undergone emergency surgery. I felt awful about all her issues, but I was happy that she had a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing outdoor living space where she could spend her time. She said that her kids had been in the Best Oklahoma City Pools every night since it was completed, regardless of the weather! She was a little self- conscience about the fact that her entire yard was sod, and the grass had not grown in yet, but I told her not to worry at all about that. Most of the projects I photograph have just recently been completed, and still have the remnants of the construction around.
I sat and visited with her for a long time, while watching her adorable daughter skim the pool with her net! She loved cleaning the bugs off the top of the water, and she did it with such precision!
It is always fun to see a family enjoying their outdoor living space! I look forward to spending more time with this family after they complete the second phase of the project—their outdoor kitchen—and I get to photograph it. They are professional chefs, so I know they will get a lot of use out of it.