When I was sent to Tuttle to photograph a finished project, I had no idea the customer was going to live in a housing development just four minutes away from my house. I was glad that I ended up going on my way home from work, so it made it very convenient with a short drive home.

The older retired couple was home, and the wife kept their two poodle pups entertained while the husband took me outside to show me the project. PMH had built a Best Outdoor Kitchens in OKC and an outdoor fireplace.

The Best Outdoor kitchens in OKC was constructed out of brick that matched the house perfectly. The customer explained to me that when they had their house built, they ended up with a lot of leftover brick, so they asked PMH if they could use it to build their Best Outdoor Kitchens OKC, and a retaining wall that extended from the outdoor fireplace out across their patio. It saved the homeowner some money, it saved PMH some time in having to match the brick and then pick it up, and it also saved the customer from having to haul it all off, or sell it, or find something else to do with it. It all worked out great for everyone involved.

The Best Outdoor Kitchens in OKC had Bull kitchen appliances built in to the top and the front. A grill, a refrigerator, and a warming door. He had ordered a grill cover from the PMH retail store, Patio Galaxy, but it had not come in yet. I told him that when it did come in, I would personally deliver it to him since I live so close and drive by his housing addition every day when driving to and from work.

Next to the Best Outdoor Kitchen OKC was a beautiful rock outdoor fireplace. The rock matched the front of the house, and was lighter in color than the reddish brick, but they coordinated well with each other. It had some brick accents to tie them both together. The brick was the same brick used in the Best Outdoor kitchens OKC, but had a white was over it to blend in with the rock that was used primarily to build the outdoor fireplace.

While I was taking photos, the customer explained to me that there was a pretty significant gap between the granite countertop in the outdoor kitchen and the brick base that held the kitchen appliances, so he ended up making his own decorative wood insert that he slid into it to hide it and to keep anything from getting inside. It looked really nice, like a piece of art.

They had a nice set of black metal patio furniture on their patio between the outdoor kitchen and the outdoor fireplace and retaining wall. It looked great against the red brick and the white rock. It was a nice contrast and it made everything pop and stand out without one focal point, it made your eye move around nicely from one point to the next.

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