I love photographing projects in the beautiful city of Nichols Hills. Each home is more exquisite than the next, both inside and out. While there is a section of older, smaller homes that have not been kept up, and have been turned into rental properties because no one wants to give up their home in this city, the bulk of the homes are absolutely stunning and unique and gorgeous.

One of the things that always impresses me about PMH is how they are able to match both the materials and the style to the home, making it appear as though it was built at the same time as the home, right along with it.

This project was no exception. In fact, it far exceeded it. An outdoor fireplace and a Best Outdoor Kitchens OKC in the backyard of the home on a corner lot adjacent to the quaintest guesthouse.

Although the fireplace was new, I could tell it had been used many times already because of the black smoke stain on the top of the front, as well as the pile of white ashes inside. The blue and white patio furniture was placed nearby so that everyone could have a front-row seat in front of the warmth of the flames.

The creamy, yellowy green brick on the outdoor fireplace matched the look of the house it belonged to and had a unique pyramid-style top with a double hearth. The sides of the outdoor fireplace were adorned with matching clay pots in a similar style and color as the brick on the outdoor fireplace and were filled with lavender flowers.

The brick patio was covered in crisp, fallen fall leaves and led to the Best Outdoor Kitchens OKC that was built in the same creamy, yellowy green brick color as the outdoor fireplace. The Delta Heat grill was built into the center of a granite countertop and a trashcan and two warming drawers were nestled into the brick on the front of the Best Outdoor Kitchens OKC.

I can imagine guests who are staying in the cute little guesthouse must love to spend time in this outdoor living space with the fireplace and the Best Outdoor Kitchens OKC and the comfortable furniture. The views of the surrounding homes that are so elegant.

I am sure that the food that is cooked in the Best Outdoor Kitchens OKC is quite fabulous, and up to par with the rest of the home and the backyard.

What made this finished project photo shoot even better was the adorable black cocker spaniel that hung out with me while I was walking around taking photos. He stuck by my side and posed for a few photos. He seemed to really enjoy the space. Most dogs like to spend time outdoors, so why not make it nice for the dogs as well as the rest of your family and your guests.

I hope they make treats for their sweet dog on their Best Outdoor Kitchens OKC.

I asked the customer if she would be willing to do the thirty-second video review, but she opted not to do it. She was not interested, and she said that she was not very involved in the process so she did not feel like she would be able to accurately answer all the questions. In addition to the city of Nichols Hills, PMH services all the other upscale neighborhoods in Oklahoma like Gaillardia, The Greens, Val Verde, Quail Creek, Deer Creek, and Lakehurst, to name just a few!

Historical neighborhoods are a little tougher to build in because there are so many restrictions about what can and can’t be done to modify the look of both the interior and the exterior of the home, but especially the exterior, that people can see. While all the homes look different from one another, and they do not have that cookie-cutter look of some of the newer neighborhoods, the historical society still wants them to maintain their original look which sets them apart from homes of today. Many of these homes were built in the early 1900s to 1950s, and even though PMH is very skilled at matching the look of the house, it still changes it enough to not comply with the rules and the standards.

They also service the city of Tulsa and the surrounding areas. When time allows, they will cover the entire state from corner to corner.

If you are interested in having PMH create a dream space in your backyard, just call the office and they will send one of their experienced salesmen to your home to give you a free estimate.

In addition to outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens, PMH also specializes in pergolas, pavilions, privacy walls, retaining walls, swimming pools, decks, fire pits, and anything else that can be built out of cedar. They have been known to design and build swing sets and raised planters.