When I arrived at this customer’s house to photograph their final project, I was greeted at the door by the husband, as well as his French Bulldog! He made it clear that his dog would think that I was there just for him, and since I have a side business working as a professional pet photographer, that was easy for me to do! The homeowner took me, and his dog, into the backyard to see the project. I started taking photos, and he went back inside to write a check for the final payment, and his dog stayed outside with me!

He ran around the yard while I took photos of the pergola, outdoor fireplace, and Best outdoor TV enclosure.
The half-pergola was tied into the roof and had a beautiful ceiling fan and light mounted to the ceiling. There was café light strung around the inside perimeter of the pergola to light it up at night. The ceiling fan will keep them cool while watching the television that is mounted inside their Best outdoor TV enclosure during the day, and the ceiling lamp and café lights will give them a light source while watching the television inside their Best outdoor TV enclosure during the evening.
The outdoor fireplace was beautifully constructed out of both brick and rock and had the Best outdoor TV enclosure mounted to it. The extra-long hearth made a perfect seat for visiting guests.

The colorful outdoor patio furniture was placed in front of the outdoor fireplace which the Best outdoor TV enclosure was displayed on so that they could relax comfortably on the yellow, blue and red floral patterned furniture while watching television on their Best outdoor TV enclosure. A privacy fence in the back of the yard provided the homeowners with plenty of privacy so that they can enjoy their new outdoor living space without the worry of the neighbors or passersby to bother them. They can spend hours alone outside in their backyard watching and listening to their favorite shows on the television that is swivel-mounted to the inside of their Best outdoor TV enclosure.

Along with the furniture was a large, round matching area rug that matched the furniture and the throw pillows with the same colorful floral pattern. It was overcast that day, so I did not have to worry about any harsh light or shadows overtaking any parts of the project. I like days like those. I do not get the blue sky and white clouds that love so much, that makes the pergolas pop, but there are always pros and cons to every project. When I was finished taking photos, I went inside and while I was visiting with the customer, I saw a kitten walk by out of the corner of my eye! I mentioned it to the homeowner, and he said that it is a fourteen-week-old Maine Coon kitten that he just got from a local breeder. Maine Coon’s are one of my favorite breeds of a cat! I have two Maine Coon mixes at home! It was so cute and had unusual markings.

I asked him if he would mind doing the thirty-second video review. He was more than happy to, and I could tell that he was already prepared and was dressed and ready for it. He gave a great review of the company and the staff and the overall project. He mentioned to me, and in the video review that he goes to church with the owners of PMH and is a close friend of theirs.

If you are ready to start living the patio life, and spending more time with your friends and family in your backyard, whether it is quality time with your immediate family who live in your household, or if it is hosting a party for your neighbors and coworkers, you can have a simple project or something that will impress everyone. You can choose one item or multiple items to make it an outdoor backyard package.

PMH designs, builds and installs outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, pergolas, pavilions, decks, railing, concrete expansion, fire pits, privacy walls, TV cabinets, shutters, and benches and so much more. All the work that PMH does is custom and they can do special projects upon request. They even do three-dimensional design work for a small fee so that customers can see exactly what the project is going to look like so that they can visualize their outdoor living space in their own backyard.

PMH has an outdoor showroom that is eighteen thousand square feet and has examples of every outdoor living space project that can be built and installed in your backyard. You can stop by anytime during the day or night seven days a week and stroll around the showroom and pick out your favorite items. You will also see the stain colors in person in natural outdoor light so that you will know exactly how it is going to look in your backyard.