The first time I photographed one of our most spectacular outdoor living projects at a beautiful home in a brand-new housing development that backs up to a popular park that includes a soccer field, a skateboard platform, playground equipment, and miles of walking trails, the lighting was terrible. It was early morning because that was the only time the customer was available to meet with me to give me access to photograph it, and it was winter time and the grass was not green, and they had not added any patio furniture or décor or even mounted a television inside their Best outdoor TV enclosure.
The photos looked good, but they could have looked better. Especially the interior, where the Best outdoor TV enclosure was hung over the outdoor fireplace. The sun was shining so brightly into the sides of the enclosure, that it completely washed out the white rock fireplace so you could not even see it.

When the customer contacted us during the middle of the spring season when everything was green, and the skies were blue, to let us know that he was having issues with the television and the surround sound system that he had mounted inside and around his Best outdoor TV enclosure, he contacted us to see if our IT Director could come over and help him out, I took that opportunity to go back a second time to try to get some better photos. Boy did I luck out! The weather was perfect, the lighting could not have been any better, they had it beautifully decorated with nice patio furniture and décor, and the grass and landscaping looked amazing all around it.

The best part…. while the homeowner and the IT Director were working on the television issues, I got to take photos of the most adorable dog sitting in the outdoor living space! I have a side business where I work as a lifestyle pet photographer, and this dog was living the ultimate life in style in this gorgeous outdoor living space.
What was supposed to only take the homeowner and IT Director around ten to twenty minutes to complete, ended up taking over an hour! However, besides photographing the dog, I was also able to take all the exterior photos that I needed.

Once they were finished, I was able to start taking interior photos of the pergola, privacy walls with operational shutters, outdoor fireplace, and the Best Outdoor TV enclosure. I took photos of the Best outdoor TV enclosure with the doors open at first, showing the television inside with it turned on. Then I took photos of the Best outdoor TV enclosure with the doors closed, showing the craftsmanship and the beauty of it. The customer was happy to finally have the television mounted inside his Best outdoor TV enclosure and the surround sound system working.

I tend to take a lot of photos, and since this was one of my favorite projects to photograph, I took the opportunity to take a lot, from every angle. There were so many details with the shutters opened and closed and the half privacy wall on one side with the window area cut out, I was able to take photos from the inside looking out and the outside looking in.

The concrete pad that PMH poured looked great as a floor for this outdoor living space and the extended pergola on the side of the back of the house that extended off of the larger pergola with the three privacy walls made it look extra unique and customized.
The dark orangey-brown stain color on the pergola made the white rock outdoor fireplace really pop, and it coordinated well with the orange and blue décor on the patio. From the sofas and chairs to the throw pillows and the flowers, everything looked beautiful.
The homeowner said that everyone who walks around the park stops to gawk at his outdoor living space, and when he is outside, they stop and talk to him and ask him for details about who built it and how much it cost, etc. He said that it gets a lot of attention! He requested a sign to put in his yard next to it that has our company name and logo so that he could give us some free advertising, and probably so that he would stop getting asked so many questions from everyone who walks by it every single day!
I have walked that park many times, and it is a busy park with a lot of people, and I have walked right past his house every time, and it does stand out and make an impression. I have actually walked by while he has been outside throwing the softball with his daughter!

It was great getting to work with this customer a second time while photographing his amazing outdoor living space! It is truly like another room with the furniture, fireplace and television and the outstanding views. I can tell when talking with him how passionate he is about the space and how much he loves and enjoys spending time in it. Which always makes me happy!

If you are interested in having an outdoor living space designed, built, and installed in your backyard, call PMH for a free estimate! They will send their talented team of a professional salesman to your home to survey your space and give you plenty of ideas and recommendations and then contact you with a sketch and a quote. The process is simple and easy and affordable from start to finish! You will enjoy every second you spend in your space, and when you decide to sell your home, you will find that it has added a lot of value to it.