I could tell when I arrived at this customer’s home that he was a military man. He had that look and demeanor about him. He was very kind and hospitable and invited me into his home and out into his backyard where PMH had built and installed a pergola, an outdoor fireplace, an outdoor kitchen and the best outdoor TV enclosure. They also painted his concrete a dark red color that he loved so much he asked them to paint the concrete on his front porch the same color, which they happily did and he was thrilled with how it turned out.

The two-post, half-pergola was tied into his roof and there were multi-colored Christmas lights strung from one end to the other and down and around both posts. I bet they looked great at night! The best outdoor TV enclosure also had clear Christmas lights hung around the perimeter.

The brick and rock combination outdoor fireplace was built out of the brick that matched his home and it had decorative rock accents. He said that his only request when getting his free estimate was that he wanted something big and bold. He said that they delivered.

The outdoor kitchen was also constructed out of the same style of matching brick so everything coordinated and looked like it was installed at the same time the house was built, and will surely add value to his overall home price when he decides to sell.

An OU football fan, he had several logoed red chairs on his patio. They also matched the American flags bordering his fence, and the red Christmas décor.

I am sure that he enjoys having the best outdoor TV enclosure so that he can watch OU football games outside. He said that he likes to entertain his friends and neighbors in his backyard, and he has the perfect place to do so.

His outdoor kitchen had a grill installed in it, and a cut out for a pizza oven, which he had not purchased yet. He loves to cook on the grill while watching the television that is mounted inside the best outdoor TV enclosure.

He had an extended hearth on both sides of his outdoor fireplace which expanded his seating options on his back patio.

He was more than happy to do the thirty-second video review and he talked a lot about how much he loved the experience working with PMH, and especially how much he enjoys having the best outdoor TV enclosure. I had him stand in front of the pergola post to do the review, but I now wish I had had him stand in front of the outdoor fireplace and the best outdoor TV enclosure instead, since both were so big and impressive.

When I was finished taking the photos and doing the video review, he took me inside his house and back out through the front door so that I could take some photos of the front porch that he had painted red to match the back patio. I got some great photos of the porch. The red color looked so nice next to all the green landscaping he had in the flowerbeds in front of and surrounding it.

We visited for a while until it started to sprinkle, and since it was December, it made it both cold and wet, so I decided it was time to leave and head back to the office so that I could edit and post the photos.

Every project comes with a one-hundred-dollar gift card to Patio Galaxy so that customers can purchase accessories for their outdoor living space project. Patio Galaxy is PMH’s sister company and retail store and they sell pergola accessories like post bands and café lights and they sell barbecue grills and smokers and outdoor kitchen equipment. They also sell sauces, rubs, and dusts and lump charcoal and they have a tasting bar where you can sample any of their food items before you buy them.

They have an entire line of products that are perfect for gift-giving for the person who has everything.

They have an indoor and outdoor showroom that they share with PMH that is over eighteen thousand square feet. Every Friday they pop fresh popcorn and you can sample the products on popcorn. That is a great way to use the dust if you do not eat meat.

Patio Galaxy sells all the most popular brands in their store, and they have the lowest prices in the nation along with free shipping.

They have a charcoal subscription service where charcoal can be delivered to your doorstep for free every month.

They have a website and an online store where you can shop from the comfort of your home and have anything from a bottle of barbecue sauce to an extra-large Big Green Egg shipped to your doorstep.

They hold quarterly customer appreciation events where you can meet and visit with fellow barbecue enthusiasts.

If you are ready to have PMH come out to your house to give you a free estimate on outdoor living space, simply call the office or send them a message through one of their social media sites and they will put you on their calendar and send a seasoned salesman to your home to look at your space and give you suggestions and recommendations on your project.

Do not wait. Call today. We are looking forward to working with you!