I had the opportunity to photograph one of PMH’s biggest and nicest final projects not once, but twice. The first time I contacted the customer they told me that since they were not going to be home during the day, and since it was fall, and it was getting dark early, I could drop by anytime during the day and let myself in through the fence and take photos.

I chose a beautiful day to go out there and photograph what was a gorgeous outdoor living project, comprised of several different structures. The first was roundish in shape with two privacy walls, two posts a pointed, shingled roof, and a Best outdoor TV enclosure mounted onto one of the privacy walls. I noticed it from a distance, the moment I walked through the gate, which I am sure was their intention for guests who were coming over and entering their backyard through their back fence instead of going through their house. There was a curved, concrete sidewalk that led me from the fence to the striking structure. It was decorated like a room in a house with décor on the wall, standing lamps, sofas, tables, and chairs. All made for the outdoors, that mimicked indoor furniture. Potted plants in colorful pots as well as café lights added to the decorations.

Adjacent to this western red cedar structure that held the Best outdoor TV enclosure was a rock fire pit. Another curvy concrete sidewalk took me to the second structure, which was a pergola with one privacy wall in the back and steps on the front with a handrail attached that covered and surrounded a hot tub. Decorative outdoor furniture also surrounded this second structure and added a nice pop of color to the backyard, as well as a comfortable place to sit and read and relax and drink coffee. More potted plants were placed around this pergola, as well as a ceiling fan and café lights. The polycarbonate covering was catching all the fall leaves that had dropped onto the top before they fell into the hot tub.

Polycarbonate roofing is designed to do several things. It acts as an umbrella to catch the rain so that you can enjoy your pergola during all weather conditions: rain, hail, snow, etc. UV tinted polycarbonate roofing also blocks the sun’s rays to help prevent sunburn and to provide shade. It is virtually unnoticeable to the eye but serves many purposes while giving you the look of a traditional pergola. The Best Outdoor TV enclosure is visible from the second structure so that those who are relaxing in the hot tub can watch the television inside the Best outdoor TV enclosure. As always, I try to get photographs of the Best outdoor TV enclosure with the doors closed, showing the craftsmanship and design of it as well as open to show that it holds a television that can be mounted normally or with a swivel. The Best outdoor TV enclosure is a very popular add-on to most PMH outdoor living projects.

I was contacted several months later by the customer letting me know that all their landscaping projects had been completed around the backyard and the two structures and the grass was nice and green so I could come back out and take more photos. I jumped at the chance to do a second session of the project at this home, and I was able to deliver some stain to them as well so that they could stain some other items in their yard to match the projects that PMH completed. The landscaping added a lot of beauty to the overall project. Trees and shrubs were planted around the yard with purple and red flowers. The wife was there, and she was more than happy to do the thirty-second video review. She talked about meeting the PMH team at one of the trade shows and then having them create a custom project for them in their backyard.

They are hoping to someday put in a swimming pool, which she plans on calling PMH for a quote. My dream and my goal is always to be able to photograph a finished project during all four seasons to get a good look at it during different times of the year, and the different uses that the customers get out of it during the change of seasons. It was nice working with this nice couple who invited me to come over multiple times to photograph their project. If you are interested in having the number one highest rated most reviewed outdoor living company in the state of Oklahoma build your dream outdoor living space, just call the office or send an email through the website or send a message through Facebook and they will send a salesman to your house to give you a free estimate.
PMH is skilled in all areas of outdoor living from pavers to pergolas to retaining walls to pavilions to patio concrete expansions to privacy walls to outdoor fireplaces and fire pits to composite decks and semicircle benches. You name it, and they can build it. Everything is custom designed so they can create something that you have in mind or modify another project that you have seen to make it your own. You will get years of enjoyment out of your backyard and it will add value to the price of your home.