If you’re looking for a company that can provide you the best pergolas OKC, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at PMHOKC. Para PMHOKC we humbly believe that we provide you with the best outdoor living spaces in the state of Obama. You’re Greenway because we are the highest and most reviewed outgoing space company in the state of Oklahoma also. We have more high quality reviews all across Google and Facebook than anybody else, and we also have a great partnership with Angie’s list and fantastic rating from the Better Business Bureau. This means that people everywhere are generally always have satisfied with the results we provide, and they love working with us and they know that we do excellent work. Always take care of our customers, or are Better Business Bureau ratings would likely reflect that as well. We take pride in not only high-quality builds we produce here, and also the fact provide you with better customer service experience than anybody else.

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Best Pergolas OKC | Meet The Founder

When it comes best pergolas OKC has to offer, then you need to come to see us here at PMHOKC. PMH companies highest and most reviewed outdoor living company in the state of Oklahoma today. PMH company was founded back in 2005 over a decade and half ago by Randy Antrikin. He saw need in the city area for people every one of these beautiful other living spaces, and he saw also that it wasn’t a company out there that did it to a higher standard and what people really wanted and what they needed. He created PMH OKC to fill that need, and we have had tremendous success with the customer service approach, our high-quality results, and our incredible value.

In the last 15 years Randy has directed PMHOKC into the success that it is today. As a company, we are going to be very narrow but very deep and other living. We have no intentions on focusing on anything other than outdoor living, and so the goal to be very narrow and very deep and to that means that we going to focus solely on other living, but we are going to do a better than anybody else by making sure that we know more than anybody else we have more experience than anybody else, we offer more options than anybody else and we just overall go deeper than anybody else into the role of outdoor living spaces to make sure that we can do better than anybody else out there.

Randy has also found incredible ways for us to get our work out there for people see in person, so whenever you want the best pergolas OKC, then you need to come by our fully and beautifully stocked showroom any time in Oklahoma’s city where you can see these products fully formed in our showroom see for yourself, any if you like tradeshows, you can find the tradeshow for at all times at most of the major tradeshows of the year in Oklahoma with a fully built out outdoor space on the floor. And most recently Randy is made mother moves in making sure that we are getting out there to the people that need these products by also spending in the Tulsa. We now offer the same services in our Tulsa branch as well.

Already had the foresight to build to offer many these incredible outdoor space products online as well. If you are PMHOKC.com, we can also find on the retail store which offers things like kitchen equipment, barbecue grills, pergola kits to do it yourself, TV cabinets and storage kits.

If you’re interested in what Randy has built here at PMHOKC and you would like to see what the work we can do for you or if you’re interested in the patio of your dreams or any kind of the best pergolas OKC is an offer to get touch with us today by calling us at (405)881-7640 or you go directly to our website to see the online retail store PMHOKC.com we can also check our reviews our customer testimonials and also check out our photo galleries.