We are located in Bethany Oklahoma as one of the premier and best pergolas OKC provider that you will find anywhere else in Oklahoma. Click on line to our websites take advantage of our making spring sale as well as if you actually choose PNH OKC to do any kind of project big or small you can actually receive a free $100 gift card to patio galaxy. The patio galaxy are able to outfit your backyard with either patio furniture outdoor kitchen appliances barbecue accessories barbecue grills smokers hot tubs and so much more. Also 405-881-7640 today. We are located in Avenue, we had an extensive warehouse and show room just outside of OKC.

We serve all over Oklahoma and we are designing the perfect outdoor living space. We also provide landscaping and so much more. Also your liking wanting a free consultation we can get an expert to your outdoor living space be able to be on site looking at your measurements and get your vision of what you’re looking to be able to have in your backyard. It is all about you when you’re working with PMH OKC. So if you’re looking for us maybe you want to know what we do throughout the year we actually have a paid tradeshow throughout the year where we have a huge display in the middle of the aisle at the Oklahoma State peer home and garden show and even the home and outdoor living show.

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We understand that the building any kind of extension outdoor area any outdoor kitchen and displays can deftly be a big commitment both timewise and financially so we want to make sure that the process is easy as possible for you. And so that is why people shop and gather ideas with us as well as we make sure that our team is heavily invested in the technology make it possible for you to be able to shop and gather ideas as well is build a portfolio of what you are looking for. Each product has QR code that can be scanned to show you the 3-D model of that product. He also simply “in package with us.

The best pergolas OKC is located right here in the heart of Oklahoma in Bethany. If you’re looking for symbiont software you were he can actually get 3-D models of products to see how they can be assembled as well as get your own free quote policy PNH OKC for more information. Also take revenge of our making spring sale before it is gone. Also called 405-881-7640 a good www.pmhokc.com for additional details and information about pergolas pavilions outdoor kitchens pools spas and more.