If you are going to have a pool house professionally built in your backyard, why not go all out and just build a second house! PMH has experience doing just that. They built a pool house that more closely resembles an actual house that is completely open in the front and completely closed in the back. The house is one large room with the Best TV cabinet as the main focal point when you enter.

From one side to the next, the room flows from the outdoor kitchen that probably makes most indoor kitchens pale in comparison. This kitchen has virtually every appliance that you will ever need or will not need to use. The portion of the privacy wall that is behind the outdoor kitchen has several sets of operational shutters that can be opened and closed to look out into the yard and onto the property. This is convenient when you want to watch something other than the television that is mounted inside the best TV cabinet.

There is another décor throughout that is a mix of stylish and functional and some that are a little bit of both. There is a dining room adjacent to the kitchen. Not a surprise since the kitchen itself is so magnificent, you would need a place to sit and enjoy the food that you cook in it. The best TV cabinet can be seen from the dining room table so that you can watch television while dining at the table. It can be on in the background playing music from one of the many channels that now play music. There is also a lot of décor on the dining room table including place settings for ten people and a nice centerpiece. Between the dining room and kitchen area, there is fancier décor before entering the portion of the pool house that is made to the lounge. The living room or den area.

This is where the best TV cabinet is located. It is mounted above the mantel on the outdoor fireplace that is centered on the privacy wall that is half-cedar and half-brick. A lot of extra décors is placed throughout this room. From art on the walls to pillows and candles throughout the fireplace hearth and the chairs and sofas and ottomans. There is even more décor on either side of the best TV cabinet. Stools are placed strategically throughout the living room so that extra guests will have a place to sit, and they can be moved around easily so that they can have a good view of the television inside the best TV cabinet.

From the living room, we move on to the bathroom, which is unique in its shape and style. It is decorated nicely with a towel cabinet included that they planned to use for bathroom toiletries as wells a pool accessory. Next to the bathroom was a hot tub with shelves and décor for both practical and decorative items to go with it. Besides the fact that PMH practically built an entire home, the customer did not stop there! They also had a pergola and a fire pit designed and installed on their property.

They do a lot of entertaining at their home in a rural area of Oklahoma, from their kids when they come home from college to annual family reunions with extended family from Florida, so it was money well spent to have an outdoor extension of their home to house and entertain their many guests. If you are interested in having PMH come to your home and give your ideas and suggestions on how to turn your backyard into an oasis, simply call the office or send them a message through their website or one of their social media channels and they will schedule a free estimate.

At the very least, they will include a sketch of your project, and for a small fee, they will fly a drone over your backyard and take photos that will be used to create a three-dimensional design that they will present to you in a beautiful state of the art conference room on double flat-screen TV’s. If you are looking for the highest rated most reviewed five-star outdoor living company to complete your outdoor living space project, PMH is the place. They can build pergolas, pavilions, fire pits, privacy walls, retaining walls, semicircle benches, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, they can lay pavers and concrete and flagstone and decks and install cedar shutter and TV cabinets.

They have been in business for over fifteen years and they have seen tremendous growth over that time, and they have perfected everything that they do. Did you know that PMH stands for Perfect My Home? That is because PMH loves to perfect your home and that is what they strive to do every single day while being customer service obsessed on every job from start to finish. If you need ideas and inspiration, stop by their showroom and take a look around at the examples that they have on display of every project and package that they have available, including the stain colors that you can look at in natural light that gives you a better idea of what you finished project will look like instead of a sample in a book in your living room. Call PMH today and they will make your day!