Patio Galaxy is in Bethany, Oklahoma along historic Route 66. You can see their signage out front with their sister company’s outdoor living space projects behind it. You cannot miss it. Pergolas, pavilions, outdoor fireplaces, privacy walls, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, fire pits, semicircle benches, composite decks, fences, railing, patio concrete, retaining walls, pavers, flagstone, and packages that include a combination of several of these together to make an entire outdoor living space in their customer’s backyard.

One of the most popular add-ons or accessories that PMH Perfect My Home includes with almost every one of their outdoor living space projects, whether it is one item or an entire package, is the Best TV Cabinet from Patio Galaxy. Patio Galaxy has been making the Best TV cabinet for several years and they have perfected it from top to bottom and from front to back and inside and out. They have sold hundreds of the Best TV cabinets to PMH Perfect My Home over the years to include in their outdoor living space projects and they have watched them over the years to see if any modifications need to be made from the style to the workmanship. The Best TV Cabinet comes in several styles that range from rustic to modern.

The Best TV Cabinet is made from one hundred percent western red cedar and are available in a variety of different stain colors to match the rest of the outdoor living space project. The Best TV Cabinets are made from the same type of wood that PMH Perfect My Home Makes their pergolas and pavilions and privacy walls, so the Best TV Cabinets can be stained to match those as well so that they coordinate and go together. The styles of the Best TV Cabinet are the diagonal frame cedar TV enclosure, the vertical frame cedar TV enclosure, and the horizontal frame cedar TV enclosure. The enclosures are made to hold up to a seventy-five-inch television as well as extra space at the bottom to hold remote controls, cable boxes, and soundbars. The enclosures are made with bi-folding doors and they are made using the tongue and groove method to keep moisture and dirt out of them and to protect the television.

You do not have to purchase an outdoor-rated television to place outside if you have a Patio Galaxy TV enclosure because the enclosure
is made to protect your television and look beautiful at the same time. You can use a swivel mount bracket to mount your television inside your TV enclosure so that you can pull it out and move it around while you are watching it in your backyard. Hooks and chains keep the doors open and a magnet keeps the doors closed. All the cedar enclosures
come with a one-year warranty on the workmanship. Cedar TV enclosures can be mounted to an outdoor fireplace, a privacy wall, an existing brick wall, or any other flat surface. Patio Galaxy also makes western red cedar shutters that provide privacy while also giving you the option to let light in when you want it. They also provide ventilation if you want or need some air from the breeze.

All the cedar shutters are made with steel pins that will allow the shutters to tighten and loosen depending on the weather conditions. They come in a variety of different sizes. The shutters can be made operational or stationary. They can have doors that open or stay closed. They come available as one, two, or three doors. All the shutters come with beautiful hardware and tongue and groove doors just like the cedar TV enclosures. They are easy to operate and easy to clean and nice to look at. Patio Galaxy also sells outdoor kitchen appliances that are made to work inside the outdoor kitchens that are built by PMH Perfect My Home, Patio Galaxy’s sister company. They work together so that they can offer their customers discounts on both the kitchen and the appliances that go inside it. In addition to the TV enclosures, the shutters, and the kitchen appliances, Patio Galaxy also sells all things barbecue. They have barbecue sauces, pork ribs, and chicken wing dust. They have pergolas accessories like café lights, post bands, and they sell all the most popular name brand smokers and grills at the lowest prices in the nation with free drop shipping anywhere in the United States of America.

They have a very nice showroom that showcases all their outdoor kitchen appliances and a Man Cave inside of their showroom that has a tasting bar where customers can sample any of the food items before they purchase them to make sure that they like them and that they are not too spicy, or that they are sweet enough. There are so many different flavors available that there is something for everyone. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and will let you know how you can get ten dollars off your purchase. If you love the outdoors or you are a barbecue enthusiast, stop by Monday-Saturday and look around. If you need to buy a last-minute gift for someone, we have a great selection of items for everyone on your list in a variety of price ranges. While you are there, be sure to take a look at the projects that PMH Perfect My Home can build in your backyard.