If you have the best TV cabinet, then you are already on your way to hosting the best football watch party! The best TV cabinet not only holds your television in place, but it also allows you to hang it anywhere outside so that you can entertain your guests. Whether you are planning on watching a particular football game or just any game that happens to be on, the best TV cabinet will ensure that once your guests begin to arrive at your home and make their way onto your back patio and into the outdoor living space in your backyard, your television will be clean and dry and free of any moisture or dirt. That is because the best TV cabinet is made with bi-folding doors using the tongue and groove method to keep it closed tightly, making it water-resistant.

The best TV cabinet also comes with a one-year warranty on the workmanship so that you can feel good about the fact that it will last a lifetime. The best TV cabinet comes in several different styles and a variety of different stain colors so that you can coordinate the enclosure with the rest of your outdoor living space and even your home. A swivel mount is an optional add on that can be included when your television is mounted inside the enclosure so that it can be easily moved around so that you and everyone else can see it.

Decorative hardware is included as well as chains to hold the doors open while it is in use, and strong magnets to keep it closed while it is not being used. You will want to make sure you have plenty of food and drinks available for your guests to enjoy while they are at your house.

It would be wise to have an outdoor kitchen built and installed as well so that you can cook for your guests outside and never have to worry about making a lot of trips inside and back outside and you can spend that extra time with your friends. If you cover your enclosure and your outdoor kitchen with a pergola or a pavilion, it will ensure that your guests stay dry if it happens to be raining on the day of the party.

No need to move everyone inside. Including an outdoor fireplace will make everything even nicer and more comfortable and relaxing. In the fall and winter when some of the most popular football games are on, you will be able to stay warm yourself and keep your guests warm too. A backyard package that includes all these projects can be purchased, designed, built, and installed by the team at PMH Perfect My Home.

They will partner with their sister company Patio Galaxy to give you a discount on the TV enclosure and all the appliances for your outdoor kitchen. They have a wide range of brands that are affordable and luxurious and expensive. Whatever your desire and your budget, they have what you want and need.

PMH Perfect My Home and Patio Galaxy have been in business for over fifteen years creating outdoor living spaces for customers across the state of Oklahoma. They have earned the reputation for being the best with the most reviews and the highest rating of any competitive or comparable company in the state or even in the region, which is why they will be expanding their services outside of the sooner state in the coming years.

There are several things that set them apart like giving free in-home estimates no matter how big or small the project happens to be. They offer three-dimensional design packages that are created by an in-office professional that allows customers to see what their project will look like in their own backyard before it has been installed.

That involves another in-office professional to fly a drone over your home to take photos of your backyard. If you are interested in seeing photos of all their finished projects, you can visit their webpage and their social media sites to see inspirational photos, but keep in mind that every project is custom built so you can make adjustments or show them a photo or describe what you are wanting and they can do it.

PMH and Patio Galaxy also have an eighteen thousand square foot showroom that is a combination of both stores so that you can see all of the projects that they make up close and you can see the stain colors and the brick and rock samples. The showroom is located inside and outside, and Patio Galaxy even sells outdoor living space accessories and has a tasting room where you can sample their barbecue sauces. Every Friday they pop fresh popcorn for customers to try the chicken wing dust. Stop by or call to schedule your appointment and you can have your own outdoor oasis!