Patio Galaxy is a retail store that is quickly becoming Oklahoma’s barbecue destination, but they not only sell sauces for brisket, rub for pork, and dusts for chicken wings, but they also have a shop dedicated to making the best TV cabinet. These TV enclosures are made from western red cedar and the tongue and groove method on the doors make them water-resistant so that water and dirt do not get in since they are made to be mounted outside in your outdoor living space, and to stay there long term.
The best TV cabinet comes with a one-year warranty on the workmanship. They have been in production for many years and they have been tested and perfected in hundreds of home’s backyards, so they are now considered the best TV cabinet on the market.

There are three different styles of the best TV cabinet to choose from and a variety of different stain colors to select from to match your home or the rest of your outdoor living space. Until recently, the best TV cabinet could only hold up to a fifty-five-inch television inside of it, but after two recent renovations and upgrades to the enclosure, they are now being made to hold up to a sixty-five-inch television and a seventy-five-inch television.

PMH, which stands for Perfect My Home, is the sister company to Patio Galaxy. They are under the same owners and operators, and while PMH is a construction company, Patio Galaxy is a retail store. They often work together with PMH building outdoor kitchens and Patio Galaxy providing the kitchen appliances for that kitchen.
Patio Galaxy also sells a lot of different pergola accessories for PMH customers, like a stain, café lights, post bands, etc.

If you visit the eighteen thousand square foot showroom located in Bethany, Oklahoma along historic Route 66, you can visit both PMH and Patio Galaxy. It is a one-stop-shop for everything outdoor living. Both showrooms are located indoors and outdoors with examples of everything PMH builds and everything that Patio Galaxy sells.
If you are wondering if an outdoor cedar TV enclosure if right for you, or if you have a place to put it, that is simple. They can be mounted to any flat vertical surface like a brick wall on the back of a house, or as PMH likes to do it, on a privacy wall or above the mantel on an outdoor fireplace.

If you like to entertain your family and friends, having an outdoor TV enclosure is a perfect thing to have. You can have it on in the background playing music or a sporting event, or you can turn something on to entertain the kids while the adults sit around and visit. Your television can be mounted flush to the back of the enclosure, or you can place a swivel mount to the back of the cabinet so that the television can turn in the direction that you wish to have it.

TV enclosures are a great way to keep your television safe and clean and they eliminate the need to purchase a pricey outdoor-rated television. You can put any television inside these outdoor TV enclosures. They even have room inside the bottom to hold remote controls, soundboards, and cable boxes. If you stop by the showroom, you can see the cabinets in person, and you can open and close the doors and see exactly how they function and how they are made. You can see different examples of how and where they can be mounted to give your ideas and inspiration of where to place yours. The different styles available are the diagonal frame enclosure, the vertical frame enclosure, and the horizontal frame enclosure. They all have slightly different looks to them, but they function virtually the same. If you are purchasing a cedar TV enclosure that is not part of a PMH project, you can pay a small fee to have a team of professionals hang it and mount your TV inside of it.

If you love the look of these enclosures, but you do not feel like a TV box is the right purchase for your backyard, Patio Galaxy also makes pool cabinets, which hold towels and sunscreen and anything else you would like to store inside. They are constructed the same way, so instead of keeping a television dry, it will keep your towels dry so that they do not get wet sitting around the pool in case there are people splashing around. They are also a great place to put your cell phone while you are swimming to keep it dry.
Patio Galaxy also makes a wine cabinet to hold bottles of wine and wine glasses and corkscrews and coasters. The best TV cabinet, pool cabinet and wine cabinet all make a great gift for the person in your life who has everything, is tough to buy for, or who enjoys the outdoors.