I traveled to Hinton to photograph what I thought was just a Best TV cabinet, but it turned out to be so much more!

When I arrived at the beautiful home that looked like a dollhouse, the wife answered the door. I had been corresponding with the husband via email for several weeks to set up the appointment, but he was not able to take off work, so he had his wife meet me at their house.

She invited me inside and took me straight out into the backyard. It was sunny but very cold and windy.

In their backyard, they had the most beautiful deck with a fence around it that held a hot tub and the Best TV cabinet. The Best TV Cabinet was mounted to a large lattice wall that doubled as both a wall for the Best TV cabinet to be mounted to, but also as a privacy wall to block the winds and to give the couple some privacy while they are enjoying their hot tub. Covering all of this was a four-post pergola that appeared to be both freestanding and tied into the roof. It was a beautiful setup.

Located on several acres of undeveloped land, this outdoor living space is an ideal escape and get away for this couple whose daughters have just moved out of the house and have gone away to college.

The deck was raised up off the ground to give it height, and to make it even with the back patio since the backyard sloped downward. It also gave it a nice look and a platform as a base for the project.

The fence, that mimicked a black wrought iron fence, but matched the look of the decking, was also a nice touch and a safety precaution since there is a hot tub on the deck, and the deck itself is raised up enough that it could cause a bad fall if someone was not paying attention or simply had an accident.

The pergola adds protection and a beautiful deck covering, while also covering part of the back patio in the process.

The focal point, of course, was that impressive lattice privacy wall. A lot of work went into creating that out of western red cedar. A lot of attention to detail was included in creating that.

While at first, it appeared as though the Best TV cabinet was mounted to the lattice privacy wall, as I was walking around all sides of the project, it because apparent that the Best TV cabinet was actually mounted to the ceiling of the pergola and was hanging down. It gave it a unique look with a lot of depth. I really loved it. It was placed in the perfect spot so that the couple could watch it while in the hot tub.
The hot tub itself was very large, so it could hold around twelve people, so they could have other couples over to enjoy the hot tub and a bottle of wine while visiting.
I was able to catch the sun as it was shining perfectly through the lattice privacy wall and it looked so beautiful.

The couple placed café lights all around the pergola to light it up at night, and I know it probably looked beautiful. Just like my goal of getting to photograph projects during all four seasons while the grass is green, and fall leaves are on the ground, and they are covered in a blanket of snow, I would also love to photograph projects at night when they are lit up with lights. I know that it gives them a completely different look from day tonight.
We have a three-dimensional designer that creates designs for customers who wish to see exactly what their project is going to look like before it is built and installed, and he always goes the extra mile and designs the project with daytime and nighttime looks so that the customer will see what it will look like during the day and at night.
This is just one of the many things that set PMH apart from the rest of their competition. The three- dimensional designs and giving everyone a free estimate, among other things. They are the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in Oklahoma.

They design and build pools, decks, pavilions, pergolas, benches, privacy walls, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, fences, and railings. If you have a special request, do not be afraid to ask PMH if they can take that project on. Everything is custom, so chances are, they can do it. No project is ever too big or too small for PMH.
Their headquarters are located along historic Route 66 and they have an eighteen-thousand square foot showroom with examples of every project they can do so that you can see them firsthand.
After I finished photographing the project, I asked her if she would do the thirty-second video review. He husband had already agreed to it when we exchanged emails, but he had not prepared her for it! She was so nice, and more than happy to do it, but wanted to change clothes and put on some makeup first! She gave a great review, and I had her stand in front of the beautifully detailed lattice privacy wall!
She was a lot of fun to work with while taking finished project photos.