What is better than one pergola? Two pergolas! That is exactly what this customer wanted, and PMH delivered!
I tried for a very long time to get this photo session scheduled, and it finally made it onto the books, but when I arrived, the homeowner was rushing out the door to take her dog to the vet. I could not tell if it was an emergency or just an appointment that she forgot about, but she was not able to stay.

She told me that her daughter would be home and could let me in and out of the backyard to take the photos and that she was young but very mature.
Her daughter came out with her best friend, and they opened the back gate for me. That is when I saw not one, but two separate pergolas tied into the roof on the back of the house. The first one was created more like a room with three posts and a privacy wall with a set of operational shutters. The space was very large and included extra concrete that PMH poured. It covered a hot tub and patio furniture and several tall heat lamps.
The second pergola was separated from the first one. They were not attached to each other, but they were both attached to the roof. This one was a half-pergola with two posts, and it covered another set of outdoor furniture and a grill and a chiminea.
The first pergola also covered the Best TV Cabinet. It was placed between the hot tub and the patio furniture and could be seen from the second pergola when sitting on the patio furniture underneath it. The Best TV Cabinet would be perfect for watching their favorite football team play on Saturday night while relaxing in the hot tub with a bottle of wine or sitting at the table playing a card game with some beers.
The backyard was set up for entertaining, whether that meant for the family, or for friends and neighbors, but it had just the right separation of space for the kids to hang out under one of the pergolas, while the adults hung out under the other pergola. Everyone would still be able to enjoy watching the television inside the Best TV Cabinet.
Both pergolas had a polycarbonate roof on them that would help block the sun’s rays from causing an unwanted glare on the television inside the Best TV cabinet.
The polycarbonate roofs also keep you from getting sunburned if you sit outside all day watching a game, playing cards, or reading a book, or soaking in the hot tub.
You could easily place a portable grill underneath either one of the pergolas to stay shaded from the heat of the sun or sheltered in the case of rain. You could grill out while watching your favorite shows on the television inside your Best TV cabinet.
This entire project was constructed out of western red cedar and was stained a dark brown, which complimented the multiple, large white framed windowpanes on the back of the house. The Best TV cabinet was also stained to match.
If you are interested in having PMH design an outdoor living space that will suit your needs or dreams, they would love to come to your house and give you a free estimate.
The cedar TV cabinets are made from one hundred percent western red cedar and are available in three different sizes and styles and come in a variety of stain colors. The cedar TV enclosures have bi bi-folding doors made with the tongue and groove method to keep water and dirt from entering them. They have decorative hinges and plenty of space in the bottom for remote controls and sound bars and cable boxes. They hold up to a sixty-five-inch television. They have a one-year limited warranty on the workmanship.
You can purchase a swivel mount bracket which is ideal when watching television outside and needing to move it in the direction from the outdoor kitchen to the swimming pool to watch it.
The cedar TV cabinets also have magnetic clasps, hook latches and decorative handles.
PMH can also show you other cedar cabinets that look like the TV cabinets but hold wine and wine glasses instead or the pool cabinet that holds beach towels and sunscreen.
The cabinets make great gifts for the person in your life that already has everything!
You can visit the PMH outdoor showroom seven days a week to look at all their outdoor living projects in person. They have at least one of every project that they construct so that you can see the craftsmanship in person. You can also get a better idea of the actual stain colors and what they will look like outside in natural light because the samples in the book and online do not always represent the color well.
There are so many extra add-ons that people do not even know about or realize, so stopping by the showroom will allow you to see those for yourself and decide if you want to add those to your project. Some can be added later, but some must be added during the construction phase. A long ledge that runs the length of your privacy wall under your pergola that is covering your hot tub is one example of an add-on that people always see later and have to have because it is very handy for sitting cell phones and wine glasses and water bottles and remote controls while you are in your hot tub.
There are dozens of things that are must-haves in your outdoor living space. Please stop by and say hi and we will show you around!