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Patio Galaxy is a Grilling supply store OKC. Patio Galaxy supplies outdoor kitchen appliances and supplies, barbecue smokers, grills and accessories, and cedar TV cabinets.
They are the sister company and retail store to PMH Perfect My Home, which is the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the state of Oklahoma.
Patio Galaxy is more than just a Grilling supply store OKC. Patio Galaxy also makes handcrafted cedar TV enclosures and cedar shutters at their shop in Moore, Oklahoma. The cedar TV cabinets are made to be placed outdoors and they hold a television that is up to seventy-five inches and has a storage compartment at the bottom that holds remote controls, cable boxes, soundbars, and anything else you wish to keep clean and dry.

What earns them the name Grilling supply store OKC is the fact that they carry a large line of different smokers and grills along with outdoor kitchen appliances and hundreds of different barbecue sauces, meat, and poultry rub and wing dust.

Patio Galaxy truly is your one-stop shop when it comes to finding the perfect Grilling supply store OKC You can find almost everything you need in one place, and if you cannot find what you are looking for, simply speak with an associate, and chances are, they can order it and have it shipped directly to your home for free. Patio Galaxy has the lowest prices in the entire United States. They are the Grilling supply store OKC of choice, with over one-hundred five-star reviews.

One of the things that set Patio Galaxy apart from their competing stores, is the fact that they carry so many top name brands in their store. Blaze Grills, which makes barbecue accessories and upgrades for those. Outdoor cooking supplies such as kamado-style grills. Outdoor cabinetry, and outdoor kitchen accessories.

Lynx makes professional grills like the Sedona Grill, and they are the creators of culinary art products. Their products are used by celebrity chefs all over the world.
Big Green Egg is the most popular, well-known, and purchased kamado-style grill and smoker around these days, and Patio Galaxy offers them in every single size, from the tiny tailgate to the enormous size that takes up an entire patio!

Kamado Joe is another popular kamado-style smoker and grill and it comes in a bright red color that is very striking and makes a big impression on guests who walk into your backyard’s outdoor living space.

Twin Eagles makes luxury outdoor kitchen supplies for the rich and famous and those who are interested in splurging on their outdoor kitchen and doing a lot of entertaining at their home. Del Sol is another brand that Patio Galaxy sells. Bull, also known as Bull Barbecue, is famous for its pizza oven that is made to fit nicely into an outdoor kitchen because everyone knows that an outdoor kitchen is not complete without a pizza oven. Who does not love pizza, and you cannot beat the taste of homemade oven-fired pizza straight out of the outdoor oven? There are so many toppings available that you could make pizza every night and never get tired of it.

Primo is another brand of the kamado-style grill that is black in color. Often customers come in and they see the three different kamado-style grills and all they notice is the color: green, black, and red, and they immediately want to know what the differences are between the three.

Lion grills are known for their exceptional performance and for being affordable. Coyote grills or Coyote Outdoor Living believes that you are happiest when you are outside cooking, so they make a line of products that help you make your job easier and more fun while not spending too much money. AOG stands for American Outdoor Grill.
Fire Magic makes premier outdoor grills for your outdoor kitchen.

Fireplace Inserts sounds like a thing, but it is a company that makes inserts for fireplaces that Patio Galaxy offers customers who have had outdoor fireplaces built by PMH Perfect My Home. They are an accessory that is great to have and serves a purpose when it comes to using your outdoor fireplace.
This list of brands only touches the surface, because Patio Galaxy adds more brands to their list of suppliers every single day in order to keep their store being known as the Grilling Supply Store OKC.

They are currently located in Oklahoma City but have plans to expand to Tulsa. After Tulsa, they will be expanding to other states like Texas and Arkansas. They will also be expanding their online store so that they can offer customers their products at amazing prices no matter where they live in the United States and in the world.
Now that you know all about Patio Galaxy, you can stop by six days a week, Monday through Saturday and shop in person, and while you are there you can sample any edible item inside the Man Cave at the tasting bar. Every Friday they pop fresh popcorn and you can sprinkle the wing dust on it. You can also shop online and have your items shipped to your front porch. You can also call and place an order over the phone. If you do not see your favorite brands listed or mentioned here, let us know and we will source it for you.