Check out the backyard packages that would actually include Gunite Pools OKC. And it all comes from one place by the name of PMH OKC. If you have backer packages that range from under 35,000 and backer packages that are under 55,000. Kinda depends on actually what bells and whistles you want. For example we have a package that ranges between a 23,020 6000. Now what that package would actually include is a 16 x 12 pergola, concrete, six-foot kitchen with a grill, fireplace with side benches and electricity. And that’s a pretty good package especially if you’re not looking for something truly extravagant. Now that pergola you can actually have it completely covered see can actually enjoy it even during when it’s raining or snowing as well as being able to have up fireplace to where you can actually go outside and be able to stay warm.

If you’re specifically looking at different types of Gunite Pools OKC and you can find them all right here at PMH OKC. And like you said that we have different packages that can provide you a pool or hot tub just depending on your budget. Now we have packages ranging from under 35,200 55,000. Now we also have a place where you can actually pay as little as six 263 month for 583 a month. But if you actually are in a place to where you can actually pay majority right away and you don’t think you need financing options mimicking get started able to answer questions be able to design a fireplace or pergola based on the look of your home already and making sure that actually blends in with your existing home.

These Gunite Pools OKC actual great addition to your backyard. They’re also pretty long-lasting and we would make sure that whatever package you choose if you’re looking to be able to input a back yard with a pool we want to be able to do extensive measurements as well as a rigorous design process. But would like to be able to tell you more about our backyard packages that range in price. Now with the price it’s just based upon how many features or specialty items you actually want. We had projects packages that range from 22,020 6000 as well as project packages that are ranging from 53,050 5000. Depending on your budget will be able to work with you and actually go through the expectations as well as any concerns.

If you have any questions whatsoever about what packages work best for you or maybe you want to be able to know more about financing options then it will be able to going to all that with you but you can execute these backer packages in our 2021 catalog so go to PMH OKC and view these for yourself so you can actually make up your mind and then be able to talk to a professional to see if you actually want to pull the trigger on the project.

View our catalog backyard packages on our website through our catalog. You can call PMH OKC now if you want to go ahead and make the decision to do it. The phone number is (405) 881-7640 or you can go to www.pmhokc.com where you can download our recent catalog.

Gunite Pools Okc | View Our Pool Packages

You the pool packages that would include Gunite Pools OKC. PMH OKC is just a place to go to get your backyard outfitted with a great outdoor pool. Now they do range in price because it would not only include a pool but but also include a pergola, electricity, concrete, fireplace’s TV cabinets and more. But it just depends on the budget that you want to go with. They do range in price that you just have to see for yourself exactly which one might work. Now we have one package that ranges from 52,000 up to 56,000. But we would let you know that you can actually pay monthly financing option with those it’s usually ranging from $580 per month. But with this option it would actually include 22 x 14′ liner pool, electricity, a 30 x 8′ pergola and a 700 foot concrete.

These Gunite Pools OKC could be a great addition to your home and obviously be able to actually increase your home’s value overall. But of course if you are very much interested in having a poor but you just want to know more about what would actually look good in your backyard or how much would actually cost to do it that’s why it is always important to have an initial consultation with a team member to go over the options first. If any questions about the time to do so. That way contactor team not to electrician about our service or at least no more about what looking to be able to help and be able to teach everything that you need.

So don’t wait contactor team not to know more efficient as well as able to see said what is the initiative able to get things done right. That’s obviously our first priority is actually getting measurements as was understanding exactly what your budget is as well as what timeline were working with. Check out some of the examples of Gunite Pools OKC on our website here PMH OKC. We have definitely been able to make quite a splash here in Oklahoma is one of the best providers for build outs of swimming pools as well as outdoor living areas.

Now if you have questions please do not be shy. That’s why we are here we want to make sure that we can be an open book being able to write you all the information you could need about our construction process as well as our design expertise. So please feel free to contact our location to know more about whether or not you’re looking for the Oklahoma City or Tulsa location. No matter where you’re at were happy to provide you that dream backyard.

Call (405) 881-7640 go to www.pmhokc.com if you are interested in a pool package or backyard package. They do range in price. So it’s always best to know exactly how much money you want to spend to make your dream backyard happen.