As I have stated before in my blogs, one of my goals is to get photos of outdoor living space projects during every season. Especially those customers who go all out to decorate them for every season. I also like to get the outside look of each season. Snowfall, blue skies with green grass, fall leaves that are changing. The rain pouring in the background.

When I went to one of our customer’s homes to photograph her finished project, I got lost and ended up arriving about ten minutes late. It was early on in my career at PMH, and I did not yet have access to the software that is used to store the customer’s contact information, and I was only given the physical address to get to her house, so I was not able to call her to let her know that I was running late. She was very nice about it but joked that she had decided that she was only giving me twenty more minutes before she had to leave to go and pick her daughter up at school.

Her front porch was heavily decorated in holiday décors like a full-sized Christmas tree and red and green chairs and garland.

I did not expect to find her outdoor living space full of even more decorations, but it was a nice surprise, and I knew that I would be able to get some great photos to post on social media.

She took me through her beautiful home and into her backyard where I immediately stepped out onto the gorgeous decorative stamped concrete patio that PMH installed, and I saw the focal point of the patio on how to build a TV cabinet. It was mounted onto the brick and rock combination outdoor fireplace that PMH also custom designed and built, and it was stained a dark reddish color.

The how to build a TV cabinet had a border of bright red poinsettias, also known as The Christmas Flower, and a cute sign sat on top of the cabinet that read Jingle All the Way. That is what is so nice about the how to build a TV cabinet that PMH’s retail store designs and builds, is that there is a nice ledge on the top that gives customers the opportunity to display things if they wish.

There is also space inside of the how to build a TV cabinet that has plenty of room to place remote controls, cable boxes, soundbars, cell phones, or anything else that you want or need to store safely inside and out of sight.

On the brick hearth of the outdoor fireplace were two Christmas trees. One on either side and three candlesticks with garland wrapped bases. Another Christmas décor surrounded the fireplace.

The customer commented on how impressed she was that the crew at PMH was able to match the brick to her home and the rock to match the mailbox in her front yard, so everything seemed to be tied in together and was coordinated. There were logs on the fire (a line from one of my favorite holiday songs) and they had what looked like fake snow dusted on top of them, so they may or may not have been real.

In addition to the outdoor fireplace, the decorative stamped concrete, and the how to build a TV cabinet, PMH also did a remarkable job of adding a second pergola next to and attached to her existing pergola that was already in place when she purchased the house, and they made it match to perfection. The same style and color. You could not tell a difference between the old and the new. The really did an amazing job of matching them up seamlessly.

The back patio was set up to entertain guests, and to enjoy sitting around watching the how to build a TV cabinet and to stay warm by the fire.

There was a bar and bar top for sitting and eating and drinking, there were several sitting areas with tables and chairs, and heat lamps on the side of the patio opposite the outdoor fireplace to keep everyone warm in the winter.

There were decorative accent pieces around the patio like a large bright blue pot filled with pinecones, and signs asking everyone to Be Merry! It was fun to see how one of our customers decorated her space for the holidays.

If you would like to have an extra outdoor room that you can decorate for the holidays, be it Christmas, Easter or the Fourth of July, call PMH today for your free in-home estimate on a variety of different outdoor living space projects. The salesman will be happy to look at your backyard and make suggestions on what will work and what will not work, and discuss your budget so that they can also determine what will work and what will not work for your pocketbook!

PMH has almost two-hundred five-star reviews from happy customers and over fifty video reviews from customers enjoying their outdoor living space projects. They service the entire state of Oklahoma and will soon be expanding their services even farther.

There is a long list of things that set PMH apart from their competitors, like low prices, a professional 3D designer that can create a design so that you can see it before you commit to it and an eighteen thousand square foot showroom that is open to the public six days a week.