When I arrived at the customer’s home, the was a police car in the driveway. I quickly found out that it belonged to the husband, who is an Oklahoma City police officer. He invited me inside, and his wife was there working from home on her laptop.

They took me outside to their backyard, where they had the most amazing outdoor living space built by PMH.

A large western red cedar pavilion, and a brick and rock combination outdoor fireplace with a How to build a TV cabinet mounted to the front and a cedar slatted privacy wall.

All of these were built and installed next to their existing swimming pool.

This session took place at the beginning of December, and it was absolutely freezing cold outside, and overcast and very windy. It made for a miserable experience, but the project was so incredible that it made it worthwhile.

They picked up some items that were laying around the yard, and then I started taking photos. I took pictures from all angles so that I could get everything in. There was a lot to see. The outdoor fireplace had a double firewood holder on either side that was full of logs.

The How to build a TV cabinet was closed, and they said that they had not mounted a television inside it yet because it had been too cold to install it, watch it, and keep it safe from the freezing temperatures.

I am sure that once the weather warms up, they will be watching the television inside how to build a TV cabinet all the time.

I was just happy that their pool was uncovered. It was a beautiful, blue swimming pool that looked great in the photos. I have gone to so many homes to take photos and the pools have always been covered. Their pool must be heated.

The privacy wall was installed on the other side of their yard, closer to their house—it was mounted to the brick on the side of their house in between two brick posts. It was clearly put there to block the wind and to provide some privacy. There was a nice set of patio furniture on the other side of it.

You could even see how to build a TV cabinet from the patio if they were sitting on the furniture staying shaded next to the privacy wall.

The neighbors’ homes were visible from their backyard, so I am sure that they felt like they needed at least a small amount of privacy.

The focal point of their backyard was how to build a TV cabinet. You could see how to build a TV cabinet mounted to the massive outdoor fireplace from the moment you entered the backyard.

The police officer’s husband was happy to do the video review while the real estate marketing wife stayed inside the warm house and did the online review. I went back inside their house to get their final payment and they let their dog out of the backroom, and he was the cutest labradoodle! I told them that I had a side business as a pet photographer, and they thought that was so neat.

A few weeks later I stopped at North Pole City on my way home from work to kill time and pick up a few Christmas decorations before meeting my husband at his work so that we could go to dinner, and I heard a woman call my name. I looked over and she said hello to me, and I did not recognize her at all. She then jogged my memory and told me that I had photographed her backyard project a few weeks prior. I photograph so many homes, and usually I never forget a face, but I did not remember her. She was with her mom and her daughter—three generations waiting to have their photo taken with Santa! And she started telling her mom that I am a professional pet photographer, and that is when I remembered that it was her, because she was saying at her house that day that she would love to have portraits of her dog.

The day I was at her house, she mentioned to me that she had just returned from the gym where she was working out, and she was hot and sweaty and dressed in casual clothes and did not have any makeup on, so that was why she did not want to do the video review. That day at North Pole City she was all dressed up and had her hair and makeup fixed. I think that must be why I did not recognize her.

PMH has several different backyard packages to choose from as well as custom packages that customers can create and modify.

PMH has been serving customers around the entire state of Oklahoma for over fifteen years, so they are experts in their field.

If you are looking for a pergola or a pavilion or a swimming pool or a retaining wall or a privacy wall or a fireplace or a firepit, PMH can do it all. They are experts in what they can do to change the entire look of a backyard and give it a complete makeover.

PMH delivers outdoor living at its finest.

Check out the photos of all their finished projects on their website and on their social media pages. Call them today, you will not be disappointed.