A great Landscaping OKC job can completely change the overall look of your entire backyard’s outdoor living space. Deciding to do it is the easy part, especially when you call the pros at PMH, who will come to your home and make suggestions about what would work best in your space, depending on the sun and shade and the area you have to work with. They will provide you with both a sketch to show you what it will look like and design if you wish to pay a small fee, along with a free estimate for how much the Landscaping OKC project will cost.

If you want to go the traditional route with flowers, there are specific Landscaping OKC flowers that we recommend for each month of the year.
In the month of January, when the weather is cold and could drop below freezing and could experience ice and snow, Carnations are your best choice. Carnations come in a variety of colors from dark red, white, yellow, orange, pink, bright red, coral, green, and red. There are variations on those as well, and some hybrid colors, but those are your basics, and the most popular you will find. Some people go with several colors, while others like to stick with just one. Your Landscaping OKC salesman will be able to make recommendations on which color of carnations will look best in your backyard. Carnations have been around for two thousand years!

During the month of February, you may see temperatures fall below freezing, and it could possibly be even colder than it was in January. So, Violets are your best bet for your Landscaping OKC projects. Violets are named after the purple color that they are. They also have very green leaves. They almost look like eyes with the black in the middle that resembles a pupil. They vary from a beautiful dark color to a light color. They often appear to be blue in color, depending on the color range. There are nearly six hundred different species of violets to choose from, so it is wise to consult your landscape designer to get suggestions and recommendations on which ones to choose for your outdoor living space.

March is a great time to have your Landscaping OKC crew plant Daffodils in your outdoor living space. Daffodils are yellow in color and are often seen around Easter Sunday and are often related to that holiday. You will see bouquets of flowers filled with yellow daffodils and yards that are full of them during that month. They are bright and cheerful and fun to look at, as they bring about a sense of peace and have a very calming effect to them. If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, have your landscape crew plant some yellow daffodils around your backyard and you can sit for hours in your outdoor living space and enjoy the benefits.

Daisy is the flower you will want to plant in April. While you may think that daisy’s come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, there is only one true daisy, the common daisy, and it has white petals and a yellow center. All other daisies have just taken that name. Like the Gerbera Daisy, and the Shasta Daisies. Lilies are the flowers you will want blooming during the month of May, but since they bloom from bulbs, you will want to consult your landscape specialist to find out when the bulbs should be planted so that they will be in full bloom during the month of May when they will be the most successful. There are many different colors and varieties of lilies like the Tiger Lily, Lily of the Valley, Stargazer Lily and the Calla Lily. Colors include, but are not limited to pink, yellow, orange, white, purple, and red The Rose! June is the month for weddings and roses. Since a rose is a perennial, it will come back into bloom every year. Once you plant a rose bush, you will see buds appear every year. There are hundreds of species of roses to choose from. They require a lot of care and pruning, so you will want to hire a landscaper to help you with that. Not only do roses come in a variety of different colors, but those colors also come in a variety of different shades. Take pink, for example, there are over eighteen different shades of pink roses to choose from. Same with reds, yellows, and purples.

Larkspur is the flower for the month of July. While beautiful to look at, it is important to note that they are toxic to both humans and livestock, so plant with caution. Your landscaper will be able to give you more information regarding plant and flower toxicity. They come in a variety of blues and purples and less often, in yellows, pinks, and whites. They can grow tall and make a real impact on your outdoor living space.
Poppies are the fun flowers that bloom in August. When you think of the month of August, you often think of the yellow sun because it is summertime and it is hot, however, they are not all yellow, they are known for their color. Like lilies, they come in a variety of styles and sizes and range in color from reds and pinks and oranges, and they even come in a grey variety.

When you think of Tulips, you think of the springtime, however, they are known as the September flower because of how important it is to plant your tulip bulbs in September in order for them to grow successfully and beautifully in the spring. They come in more colors than any other flower and are one of the most popular and favorite of many. Although weak and fragile people are often referred to as pansies, which is the one tiny delicate flower that can bloom all winter long and stay looking fresh and beautiful no matter how cold it gets.

The foxglove is a unique flower that might make you think of a fairy tale. The purple flower comes from the figwort family of flowers and reminds most of the little bells on a stock. They look like they might even produce sounds if the wind is just right. There is no other flower more popular during December than the poinsettia. The large, dark red petals just scream Christmas and you will see them everywhere around that holiday. From gifts to decorations to inside and outside, they are the number one flower, and they look amazing in backyard landscapes.