PMH Perfect My Home is known as the home of the half-pergola, but as they have grown over the last fifteen years, they have kept that nickname while becoming professionals in every area of outdoor living from swimming pools to outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces. Most recently, they have added Landscaping OKC to their long list of projects that they can do for their customers across the states of Oklahoma and now in Texas. Having a Landscaping OKC division means being able to design, build, and install a pergola while making it, and the area around it looks even nicer with a Landscaping OKC touch. There are so many options out there, but plants and flowers are the most popular and common thing to make a big difference in the overall look, and some even provide benefits.

If you like wine, why not grow a grapevine around your pergola? You can grow grapes and make your own homemade wine at home. Once you have bottled it, you can go to PMH Perfect My Home’s sister company retail store and buy one of their handcrafted wine cabinets to store your wine bottles and glasses in and you can have it stained to match your pergola. If you add a privacy wall to one side of your pergola, you can hang your cedar wine cabinet on it and you can sit under your pergola and admire your grapevine that is growing around the posts while enjoying a nice glass of wine in the shade. The perfect, complete package. Grapevines can be planted to grow either green or purple grapes or you can grow both, one around each post.

Clematis is a bright, beautiful purple plant that comes from the buttercup family of plants and flowers. They are very popular among gardeners, and the color will look fabulous growing around the posts of your pergola. They are most often seen in the purple color, but hybrids can be found in pinks and reds and even whites, and sometimes a combination of several colors together.

If you are a fan of the University of Oklahoma football team, The Sooners, you may want to plant the Crimson Glory Vine around your pergola. The team’s colors are Crimson and cream and you can place one of PMH Perfect My Home’s sister company retail store’s handcrafted cedar TV enclosure on a privacy wall that is attached to your pergola and invite your friends over for watch party and you will have your pergola decorated in the appropriate colors and you can sit in the shade and watch the game.

Honeysuckle looks and smells great and you will love having this beautiful, fragrant climbing plant wrapped around your pergola. It will climb all over the top as well, so at some point, you may not be able to see the actual pergola, but it will still provide you with the shade that you need, and you can always trim it back!

Passion Flowers look like something from outer space and come in many different colors. They are so unique; they will be a conversation starter. Lavender, dark red, blue and green combo, dark pink, light pink, red, white, pink and white combo, and other color varieties. Do you have a favorite color? Chances are, you will find a passionflower that you like! Climbing and Rambling Roses are the most beautiful and impressive flowers to plant around your pergola, but they also require a lot of care and upkeep. They are worth it and will make a nice spot for hosting a wedding if you ever choose to do so.

Wisteria is a popular purple ornamental plant that many people choose to plant around their pergolas. They hang down from the vine and create an umbrella over the pergola that is a real showstopper attraction. One of the most decorative choices.
Trumpet Vines are creeper vines that creep up and then once noticed, they take over! They have a bell shape, almost like that of an instrument, and come in a variety of colors from reds to purples.

Potato Vines are evergreens and will cover your pergolas for-ever! They have flowers that will bloom seasonally, so the look will change during certain times of the year, but they will stay looking nice year-round, so it is always a great choice. You may have to have PMH Perfect My Home build several pergolas in your backyard if you just cannot decide which one of these plants or flowers to have your landscapers’ plant around your pergola. This might be a tough choice, but your landscaper can always let you know which one would grow best in your weather and soil conditions to help narrow down your choices.

Now that you have learned about all of the flowers and plants that you can have PMH Perfect My Home’s Landscaping OKC crew add to your backyards outdoor living space’s pergola, you can call them for a free estimate, which not only includes a quote for the project but suggestions and recommendations from a salesman who also happens to be the PMH Perfect My Home Landscape OKC designer. He has nearly a decade of experience since getting his Landscape OKC degree and he is an expert in his field. For a small fee, he can even sit down and draw a Landscape OKC design in full color so that you can see exactly what your backyard will look like when the crew has completed the project. Call PMH Perfect My Home today to schedule your appointment!