If you plan on cooking out this summer for your family and friends, you will want to buy a grill so that you can cook a variety of different foods outside. Before you get started, you will want to make sure you are stocked up on lump coal OKC so that everything you cook will taste better. If you are not familiar with lump coal, read on for all the information you will ever need.

What is lump coal OKC? It is basically just charred wood fuel that has not been pressed into briquets, like the traditional charcoal that you are used to seeing and buying. Everyone who makes it produces it differently, but it is usually made from tree limbs that are charred inside a kiln.

What is the difference between lump coal OKC and charcoal? Charcoal briquets burn a lot longer and they are more consistent when it comes to keeping and maintaining a certain temperature. They are less expensive, which make them more popular and are bought more often. Charcoal briquets take longer to get started (to initially light) and they make more ash. The heat they produce, although lasts longer, is not as hot. Lump coal OKC burns hotter and it burns cleaner than charcoal briquets. They do not produce strong odors like charcoal briquets and are more natural, and they do not produce as much ash as charcoal briquets. Lump coal OKC burns faster and is a lot more expensive, so you must take that into consideration if you plan to use a lot of it. Often the lump coal OKC ends up being too small to even use. The heat and cooking are not as consistent, so you must learn and become a pro at using it.

It is made of wood, wood that is burned and charred by taking all the moisture out of it. It is used for cooking meats and fish and poultry and anything else that you can throw on the grill. Most people believe that lump coal OKC makes food taste better than traditional charcoal briquets.

Patio Galaxy sells the following brands of lump coal OKC: Primo one hundred percent natural lump coal. Jealous Devil lump coal, Coyote lump coal, and Kamado Joe lump coal, among others. How much does it cost? At Patio Galaxy, the price ranges from ten dollars to nearly forty dollars depending on the size of the bag, and the brand.
Now that you know everything about it, you can make plans to visit Patio Galaxy in person at their retail store in Bethany, Oklahoma on thirty-ninth expressway along historic Route 66. They always keep plenty of bags in stock in a variety of brands and flavors. If you are a barbecue enthusiast, you may want to sign up for their subscription service so that you can have bags of lump coal OKC delivered to your door on a weekly or monthly basis, free of charge. No delivery fee is included with the service. You can also shop online and purchase it. It is easy to get, so there is no excuse to start buying and using it every time you cookout.

While shopping at Patio Galaxy, be sure to pick up some other barbecue accessories that you may need like sauces, rubs, and dust, and utensils, and starters. There are so many different brands and flavors that you will find something to appeal to you and your family and friends who may be joining you at your home for your cookout in your backyard.
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