There are many different flavors of lump coal OKC available that are made to enhance the flavors of your food that you are cooking on your smoker or your grill. Some are made specifically for certain types of foods, and some that can be used on any foods you wish.

Oak is a flavor of lump coal OKC. When you think of oak, you may think of the oak barrels that wine is made in. That is the same type of oak wood that comes from an oak tree, and it can have many different flavors to it. Caramel, cream, smoke, spice, and vanilla are the most common, and sometimes you may even taste the coconut, cinnamon, and cloves, believe it or not. This is what makes oak charcoal one of the most sought after in the market.

Mesquite is a flavor of lump coal OKC and it has a lighter, sweeter flavor than some others, even though the name rhymes with the word sweet, it has a tough-sounding name that often throws people off because they are expecting something much heavier and bold in flavor.

Hickory is a flavor of lump coal OKC and if you like bacon, it will be your flavor of choice. Hickory is both sweet and strong tasting and can often have a maple flavor to it. If you think of the flavor of baked beans, you will understand the hickory taste, because it has the sweet and savory flavors of the bacon and maple combination.

Hardwood is a flavor of lump coal OKC that has the woodiest flavor profile. It truly tastes like wood, which a lot of people love when they are cooking meat on the grill because it tastes like the outdoors.

Applewood is a flavor of lump coal OKC and the name says it all. It has an apple flavor. Very sweet and tart and tangy.

Cherry Wood is a flavor of lump coal OKC that is very sweet. It also has a tart and tangy flavor like apple, but even more so. You must love cherry to enjoy the cherry wood flavor of charcoal.

Pecan is a flavor of lump coal OKC is a favorite of many because it has a strong and nutty flavor to it that people are drawn to.

It is fun to experiment and play around with the different flavors of lump coal OKC. There are some that are recommended to use on specific types of meats, chickens, and poultry and pork, but those are only recommendations, you can use any flavor that you wish on any type of meats or fish that you choose. You may find that you have a favorite that you want to use exclusively, or you may have trouble deciding which one you like the best, so you may want to switch it up every time.

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