If you set up your OKC Outdoor Kitchens, whenever you decide to implement outdoor kitchens for your home, the make she get in touch with PMH OKC first. This company was started back in 2005 originally as a masonry company. We put fixing houses and was started by Randy Entrikin. We started our masonry business, people kept asking us to build outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, people just kept adding the list with every job they want us to do more and more for these outdoor living spaces into a groove and what you know estimate here PMH OKC. And now we believe that we’ve achieved success and we made it this far by putting others first. Our goal here is to serve others as a family-owned and operated company that puts God first, use Christian ideals to make sure that our work is reflection of who we are and where here to do. So our work is to others first here, and it reflects our core company values that are based on value people first, transparency, speed, positivity, animation, and results.

And we have been able to achieve success by building not only the best OKC Outdoor Kitchens you receive any other type of outdoor living space because we commit ourselves 100% to serving others and that is what drives us. We really value others first and that’s why does the first of our company core values. We believe that things, go, materials, go and jobs coming up people are always can be. So make sure that people come first, and we are here to serve other people and that is the philosophy that we always stick to when it comes to providing you with services here at PMH OKC.

So that’s essentially how we got our start here PMH OKC and how we get started building the best OKC Outdoor Kitchens out there. So now not only can we provide you with outdoor kitchens, but we have a full repertoire of incredible outdoor living spaces that we can create that are unmatched in Oklahoma that include pergolas, patios, pavilions, privacy retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, privacy and retaining walls and so much more. We also have a full online retail web store to our website at PMHOKC.com we get other accessories such as kitchen equipment, barbecue grills, TV storage cabinets and much more including for kids for the do-it-yourselfer.

In order to put others first and value people first, we also want to make sure that our services knowledge providing high-quality results but is a great value and has affordable prices and we can make sure that we are accessible to everybody but also providing financing in-house. On top of that value and incentives like provide you with free estimates. You can take us up on that any time and you can also get a $100 gift card patio galaxy whenever we completed the project to help round out outdoor space.

If you like to experience for yourself how we put others first and get you high-quality results on the outdoor living space to turn your house into your dream home finally, the make she get touch with us for that free estimate by calling us at (405)881-7640 or you go directly to our website whenever you like at PMHOKC.com Tt find some great customer testimonials and photo galleries and much more about who we are as a company and what our priorities are.

What Are You Looking For With OKC Outdoor Kitchens?

When it comes to providing high-quality OKC Outdoor Kitchens to the people of Oklahoma, there’s really no competition. PMH OKC rules the roost is the highest reviewed outdoor living space provider in the state of Oklahoma today. We have achieved this status slowly over the course of 15 years. We originally started out masonry but are requested for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits a groove until eternity what you see now today which take our original company goals and values of serving other people first and applied it to our newfound skill of outdoor living space became what it is today and now you will find anybody else in stay that can provide you with better results, better customer service, better value when it comes to OKC Outdoor Kitchens, pergolas, landscaping or any other outdoor space creation.

First of all you can argue the fact that we are the highest and most reviewed. People are so happy with the products we provide and finish dates such as our OKC Outdoor Kitchens, that there have seen the way and come over 100% satisfied with the results that we provide. Is because we strive to always overdeliver. Only do we want to use the highest quality materials and utilize professional experience knowledgeable and friendly carpenters and technicians with great attitudes, but we also want to make sure that we give you a better value than anybody else as well. Make sure that we compete with anybody else as they when it comes to prices, and not only that we make sure that we give you better value as well.

Nobody else state is getting kitchen as many breaks as we do here PMH OKC. Not only do we prices anybody else in the state when compared to the high-quality results that you get, we also want to make sure we do things like this. Because anytime and request a free estimate and we shall provide. In line with our goal of serving others, we want to make sure that you get an estimate from us in every need it in the don’t pay. We find that a little bit ridiculous, and borderline unethical for us to tell you how much are going to charge you and charge you for tell you how much we are going to charge you. Do.

So in addition to free estimates, we can also provide you with a $100 gift card patio galaxy to help round out some stuff for your new outdoor space, and we have financing available in house if you need it. We have partnered with preferred lenders and get you the financing that you need and the project. There are very few companies out there that can compete with what we do not only product but in the terms of customer service as well.

Everybody out but here PMH OKC to make the difference by serving others first, and our first core company values value people. So we are all about serving and providing service to people. There’s that is what our universe revolves around. Find any other company that can provide you such a wide array of outdoor living spaces. Some companies may specialize in patios and that’s, and some 80 landscaping and some may do really great outdoor kitchens, but we do all of it here on one roof.

If you like to see the PMH OKC give us, the don’t reach out to us a call so (405)881-7640 to set up your free consultation or an estimate or if you like to find out more information first you’re absolutely going to our website anytime at PMHOKC.com and find answers there and then reach out to Mr. concerns after that.