If you’ve never heard PMH OKC then we would love to introduce ourselves. Here PMH OKC we are the highest the company in that specialize in outdoor living spaces such as OKC Outdoor Kitchens, patios, outdoor fireplaces and more. We have the most high quality reviews of anybody else in our service industry in Oklahoma, and we also have incredible ratings and partnerships with other sources like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s list. Here PMH OKC it stands for “perfect my home” Oklahoma City. But we have provided such an incredible experience and high-quality products that in the last 15 years since we started we have recently been able to rapidly expand and we now have six locations total. In addition to our original location here in OKC we also have a location in McKinney, Texas, and Overland Park Texas, in Owasso Oklahoma, in Tulsa Oklahoma and also in Plano, Texas.

Our goal here at PMH OKC is not only produce the best OKC Outdoor Kitchens but the goal here is to be very narrow and very deep on outdoor living. That means that although all we do is outdoor living products and services, we are very deep and that and we have a lot of options not only with the construction that we provide but also for online retail store now as well, patio galaxy. So more than just OKC Outdoor Kitchens, we can also provide you with the highest quality patios, pergolas, pavilions, privacy retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits and even things to round up spaces like TV cabinets and storage cabinets.

And not only can you get these kind of services in any of the locations that we mentioned, we can also get menu of the kind of products that we produce for online retail store patio galaxy whenever you go to PMHOKC.com. Can find a link to patio galaxy we can find things to help round out your outdoor living experience that we may party provided to you like outdoor kitchen equipment, barbecue grills, storage cabinets and more, or you can also find your own do-it-yourself approach to outdoor living by ordering pergola kits and other similar items.

We have a beautifully stocked showroom that you can visit in our homes out of Bethany, Oklahoma anytime to see these fully built out outdoor spaces in person to get a sense of the space in the quality of our products, and we can also find the most of the major trade shows in Oklahoma. And when it comes to incentives, nobody else provides better value than we do either because we have financing available for those that wish to qualify today and get started, and we also offer everybody free estimates. And the top rolloff everybody the complete the project with us also gets $100 gift card patio galaxy to spend as they please on any of the after mentioned products that we have available there to round out there.

We encourage you to get touch with us for those free estimates anytime at calling us directly at 888-585-7640, we can always visit the website at PMHOKC.com to also look to patio galaxy but also find customer testimonials, photo galleries, and application to join our team, links to our reviews and much more anytime including the ability to reach out with your name your contact information in any questions comments or concerns anytime.

How Long Do OKC Outdoor Kitchens Take To Build?


When it comes to OKC Outdoor Kitchens, you’re likely can be a will to find lots of companies out there, especially in Oklahoma City that are going to be a will to provide you with these things. But if you want a little bit more of a small business flavor combined with high quality nationally recognized the quality and price, the come and talk to us here at PMH OKC. We always encourage you to go to the local small businesses even though here PMH OKC we have been able to recently expanded two more states. But still have that small business approach. We still are family-owned and operated and we still have our core company values but also reflect our family values of putting people first, transparency, speed, positivity, innovation and results. These are different than the kind of values you can find at a large national recognize company that can provide you with similar services.

So whenever you’re out there looking at OKC Outdoor Kitchens, we encourage you to come talk to us here PMH OKC. We can provide you with a better result than any of the national companies, because we are extremely confident in the only the craftsmanship that we provide but the service in the value. You go to national companies you’re likely not to get the same kind of price and the same kind of perks that you would get whenever you go local in general. In general, especially whenever you go to a local company for services like ours like like for any sort of outdoor living space, beginning people that are truly passionate about what we do. Their business is their baby, and it is their way of life. See also get better results and a high commitment to a better standard and you’re also getting teams that work together for longer because they tend to have less turnover.

Also whenever you go with local company for something like OKC Outdoor Kitchens, we also support your local economy in your community. It’s a win-win situation, and also the revenue stays within the state so you’re also supporting the state that you live in. Every support national companies the money goes their pocket, and you’re supporting their national advertising budget, their shiny service than and so on.

You shop local, you’re also getting a better result, better people, and you’re getting home-court advantage. So whatever you want any of the products that we provide here at PMH OKC in addition outdoor kitchens like patios, pergolas, pavilions, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits and privacy retaining walls, the give us and we are going to wow you, guaranteed. We also provide you with better incentives as a small company like free estimates, financing available to you can find most major chains, and also a $100 gift card to our online retail store, patio galaxy.

If you’re interested in the perks that local businesses offer over the big guys, they go and give us call here at PMH OKC whenever you’re ready for the ultimate outdoor living space by calling us directly at 888-585-7640, or go directly to our website to find lots of information about us and what we can provide to you anytime at PMHOKC.com.