You finally got the pergola of your dreams, and your outdoor living space has been transformed! Your pergola looks perfect and new now, but since it will remain outdoors for life, and it will be exposed to all of the everyday elements, your OKC Pergola will require a certain amount of upkeep over the years in order to keep it looking that way! 

Dirt, dust, mud, rainwater, mildew, ice, snow, hail, bird droppings, you name it! Your pergola lives outdoors, and it will be covered in everything imaginable at one point or another, so keeping it clean of debris is a vital part of pergola ownership! 

Whether you opted for one of PMHOKC’s award-winning half pergolas, a free standing OKC Pergola, an arched pergola, or a solid top pergola, with either a rock or a brick base, we take extra steps to cut down on the overall care, but a certain amount of upkeep is a necessity in order to keep your pergola looking its best! 

At PMHOKC, we stain all of our customer’s pergola’s with Wood Defender Fence Stain. We offer our pergolas in eight different stain colors: cedar tone, redwood, oxford brown, black, dark oak, grey, white, and whitewash. With this brand of stain, we offer a two-year manufacturer warranty, it doesn’t leave drips, the wood grain is revealed under the stain, it’s very easy to clean up, and it doesn’t stink like most stains! However, it is recommended that your pergola be restained every few years to keep it looking like new! 

PMHOKC offers polycarbonate shields for placing on top of OKC Pergola. These shields come in both a clear and a tinted version. The tinted version helps to reduce heat and block UV light and rays and are not visible to the naked eye—giving you the look of an open top pergola. These polycarbonate coverings have a hail warranty as well. These polycarbonate sheets also require the occasional cleaning, as they are a part of your pergola. 

Sometimes, all you need to do to clean your pergola is to hose it down with a water hose. A high- pressure water hose may be necessary for pergolas with tougher stains or more dirt and debris. This will work well for the polycarbonate shield as well. 

The right cleaner is important, as you don’t want to ruin the wood or the stain on your pergola. A toothbrush is gentle enough to use on stubborn stains that won’t hose off or can’t be wiped off. Mold and mildew will absolutely ruin the overall look of your pergola, so don’t ignore that! Test mold and mildew removers in a small spot before applying it to the entire pergola. 

It’s always important to keep a touchup kit on hand for quick and easy repairs to your OKC Pergola that may need to be addressed at a moment’s notice. The quicker these minor repairs are made, the easier they are to fix, and the more likely the damage won’t get any worse over time. Always call the builder of your pergola if you don’t have the tools on hand to fix the issue, or if you don’t feel comfortable repairing it yourself. 

Now back to restaining your pergola! PMHOKC builds OKC Pergola out of 100 percent cedar. When cedar pergolas are stained, they can turn a different color over time and with age and being exposed to the elements. Cedar itself weathers with age, and therefore so does the stain that has been applied to it. A 

sealant is important to help keep the color true to its original shade, but another coat or two of stain is usually necessary after a certain amount of time. Usually every few years to keep it looking new and fresh. Always clean your OKC Pergola first so that the stain will go on evenly and smooth. Just like with repairs, you can always call your builder to come back out and restain your pergola for you. 

A lot of people choose to grow vines on and around their pergolas. While pergolas can withstand the weight of a creeping vine, it can takes it tole if it becomes too heavy or out of control! It’s a good idea to trim it back periodically. If you live in a climate where the vine dies back in the winter, you can take that opportunity to cut it back then, and once spring time rolls around, it will come back again. 

Always remember that your OKC Pergola is part of your house, an extension of your home, and while it’s designed and built for the outdoors, and to withstand the elements, and to protect people from those same elements, it requires the same care and upkeep that the rest of the exterior, from simple rinsing and wiping of debris, to power washing and restaining to keep it looking like new!