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Okc Pool Installers | Different Types of Pavilions

The OKC Pool Installers has numerous options pools as well as pavilions and pergolas. There is nothing that we cannot do here at PMH OKC. We obviously will make sure there were able to take our design know how as well as talent and construction to make sure that your backyard is a dream come true. So if you know exactly what kind of style civilian you like most or maybe you’re not even sure where to start we always suggest that first-time customers actually go in view are 2021 catalog. There will be able to show you pergolas arbors as well as different types of options that you can actually have. Now if you’re looking into having a pavilion we have different options to choose from. We have freestanding, tied or hip roof. Now the differences between freestanding in tide is that the pavilion is actually tied into your house.

If you still have questions or maybe your one to know why we can also be your OKC Pool Installers it will happen be able to share with you that we had definitely become the company that is the go to place for all the fancy bells and whistles for things like hot tubs, pools, pavilions, pergolas, outdoor chimneys and so much more. Now we have an extensive catalog to choose from so we want to make sure that all project selection and details is can be available to you as was at least give me the option to actually have an initial consultation to talk with one our representatives to decide whether or not you want to go big or go small.

Our team of OKC Pool Installers want you to know that we are fully dedicated to making sure that this is it going to be an enjoyable experience as well as an experience that you can want to brag about to your friends, family and neighbors. Because at the end of the day we always want to make sure that every single client of ours can actually look back and remember what an enjoyable experience as was as well as how we were able to really be able to provide an enhancement to your already beautiful home. So let’s go over these type of pavilions that we have available. Because we want to make sure that were able to provide you the details he can she choose exactly what it is that you want and then we can have someone come out to do all the proper measurements. So will go first with the pavilion style then will go into the preference and I mentioned, stain color, and also help you decide whether or not you want to have exposed rafters or even tongue and groove decking.

So contact us now if you like to know more about the different types or at least know exactly what they would all look like if you went with a certain style or a different type of stain. Of course we want to make sure that we have different tones for you to choose from. We have Oxford, Redwood, charcoal gray, Cedartown and black and white and we even have a custom color option. They do vary in price. And that goes by square footage on some of them but some of them are actually included in your project.

Call (405) 881-7640 go to www.pmhokc.com now to learn more about what we can to make this happen also make your dream come true.

Okc Pool Installers | Different Types of Privacy Walls

The team of OKC Pool Installers are not only pool or hot tub installers but we also are a team that can provide you privacy walls as well as TV cabinets and so much more. No other privacy walls they come in different types different stains as well as different ability. Now we have what we call our Cedar tongue and groove privacy wall or we have rock walls. So if you actually have a home that’s built by brick or you have a home that’s built by a rock then we can actually provide you privacy law that able to actually blend in with the already existing home. Or if you really want to have something little bit different anyone have a certain look we have multiple options to choose from.

These OKC Pool Installers are definitely at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to not only being able to construct your outdoor pool but also provide you privacy walls, TV cabinets, outdoor grills, chimneys fireplaces and more. Really perfect company is the one-stop shop for all of these things. It’s just a complete project to a can have all these things in one place. Now if you are seriously considering a privacy wall we have many options. We have a Cedar tongue and groove option, Cedar with shutters, Cedar lattice, Cedar with gaps, Cedar with 2 x 2 gaps, stationary screens, motorized screens, brick walls, and rock walls.

Also if you are considering a project selection or you want more details from OKC Pool Installers about TV cabinets or just having an outdoor living space to where you can actually have a pergola where your able to actually see the pool that still be able to have some privacy from your neighbors and we can provide you that for screens or with a privacy wall with a gap. If you’d like to be able to have a pool house we can do that for you as well we can go into more detail in the initial consultation said then you can decide to be able to have us be able to build you a 3-D rendering to see everything that you want an actual visual form seek and find make a decision.

We can go over all that with you today if you like also we’d like to go over the options of being able to ride my monthly installments. I can do that through TV cabinets you can also do that with pergolas are pavilions. And it usually varies in the actual size or the style that you want. So that we can actually go over your options for monthly payments if you cannot or do not want to pay the full amount up front. So it’s not impossible for you to be able to have your dream backyard.

So for different types of privacy walls, TV cabinets or pools call perfect company now will be able to go the second what we can provide you or even what we can do to make sure that your outdoor space is the envy of the neighborhood. Call (405) 881-7640 or go to www.pmhokc.com.