PMH has partnerships with other companies that create certain aspects of outdoor living for their customers. Swimming pool companies, hot tub companies, and landscaping companies, to name a few. Unlike PMH, they typically specialize in just one type of project, instead of many, so when a company for instance, installs an OKC Pools Gunite for one of their customers, they might offer them a pergola or a pavilion as an add-on, however, they do not actually design, build and install pergolas and pavilions, so that is where PMH comes in! They call PMH and hire them to do those projects. PMH gives them a percentage of the sale, and then when they are installing a pergola, and the customer wants an OKC pools gunite, then they return the favor and call them for installation, and then PMH takes a percentage of the sale.
Since they are not technically our customer (the other company is our customer) we cannot call the homeowners and ask them if we can photograph the finished project or request a video review, but we can show up and take photos while the other company is onsite working on their part of the project. This is something that I have done several times. It sometimes feels a little strange just showing up and walking onto their property and into their backyard without notifying them first, especially since that is what I am so used to doing.
I received an assignment recently to photograph one of those types of projects. A local company installed an OKC Pools Gunite and PMH designed, built and installed an outdoor fireplace next to the OKC Pools Gunite, as well as a privacy wall adjacent to the OKC Pools Gunite.
It was during the spring, and it was raining almost every day, so I waited until the weather was just right. Since I did not have to schedule with the customers, I could just show up. Unfortunately, the day I showed up, the rest of the other company’s portion of the project had been completed, and there was a black wrought iron fence around the pool, outdoor fireplace and retaining wall, and it was locked, so I could not open it to access their backyard. I decided to ring the doorbell and introduce myself and explain what I was there to do. However, no one was home. So, I had to resort to taking photos from a distance. I could see everything from outside the gate, so I was able to get some good photographs, but I was wishing I had a longer, more telephoto lens so that I could have gotten some closer shots. Also, I could only access the yard from one side, so I was only able to get photos from one angle.
The entire backyard was stunning. They had a beautiful OKC Pools Gunite, and the retaining wall around it was gorgeous and merged seamlessly with the water, and the outdoor fireplace matched the retaining wall and it was amazing.
I was glad that I was able to get the photos that I got, but it was such a great project that I wish I had been able to get more photos that were closer, that showed all of the details and the craftmanship.

Maybe someday, if I am in the area again, I will stop and ask the homeowners if I can get some more photos, but for now, I am happy with what I got.
PMH now has a full-time landscape designer on staff as well as an entire landscape division, so they are handling the bulk of those projects now. The other companies are still using PMH for their other
projects, even though they are not using them as much anymore, because they know them and trust them and like their work.
The same goes for pools. PMH is now selling more pools than ever before, and even though they are vinyl picket pools, they are starting to branch out into gunite pools because sometimes that is all that a customer wants, and they want to be able to deliver.
There are certain accessories and add-ons that can only be included if it is a gunite pool, so that is another reason why it is important for PMH to be able to offer that kind of swimming pool to their customers.
Vinyl pools are less expensive and have pros as well, so that is sometimes ideal to be able to be the experts in that field.
PMH has over two hundred five-star reviews and over sixty video reviews from happy customers. Word of mouth is everything, and PMH strives to be the best in outdoor living.
PMH is known for their pergolas. They are known as the home of the half-pergola, but they also build pavilions, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor kitchens using appliances from their retail store, privacy walls, semi-circle benches, and other unique items such as raised planters, outdoor bathrooms, and cedar railing that goes around an above ground pool to make it look nicer and more upscale.
If you want to see a wide range of photos of the projects that PMH has completed over the last fifteen years they have been in business, you can check out their social media pages or their website. If you want to see the projects in person, and view the craftmanship up close, you can visit their eighteen thousand square foot outdoor showroom where they have examples of every single project they can create for you in your backyard. From pergolas to pools to decorative stamped concrete, you will find it there and I guarantee that you will be inspired by what you see.