When it comes to investing in an Oklahoma City outdoor living space, it is important to find the right company to build and install your dream backyard, as well as the right financial institution to help you pay for your project. Outdoor living spaces may consist of a half-pergola or could include everything from a pavilion that covers an outdoor kitchen and fireplace. The options are endless, and the cost could range from as little as $5,000, up to $90,000 or higher. It is important to do your research and get several estimates.

When compiling your list of Oklahoma City outdoor living space companies to contact, PMH (Perfect My Home) should be number one on your list. A local, family-owned business, PMH is the highest rated outdoor living company in Oklahoma City, and they have more five-star reviews than any other outdoor living company in Oklahoma City. They have earned a reputation of being the cleanest company around from the start of a project up until the final walkthrough. Customers constantly remark about the team’s high level of communication throughout the project. They are never left wondering when the job will begin, when it will be finished, and when people will be showing up at their home.

There are never any surprises while working with PMH. From the owners and the office staff to the salesmen, project managers, and the construction crew, everyone is extremely professional. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience outdoor living. If you think that it is not in your budget, or that it is not something that you can afford, we recommend contacting Regent Financial. Also locally owned and operated, Regent Financial can help you secure the money you need to build your Oklahoma City outdoor living space. They offer personal loans in both small and large amounts.

Financing major purchases, like an Oklahoma City outdoor living space, is something that they do every day. They are always available and ready to help you get on your way to living your dream! Regent Financial gives great deals on loans, and they provide some of the lowest rates around—along with exceptional customer service. Like PMH, every year Regent Bank receives a lot of recognition and awards. They have received countless best places to work awards—happy employees make customers happy! Oklahoma Magazine has named them “Best of the Best” in the financial category.

Regent Bank was even named a top 1% community bank in the country by the Institute of Extraordinary Banking. They are the only bank in Oklahoma to achieve that feat! Regent Bank is a locally owned community bank with Oklahoma roots that span generations. They have been operating in the state since 1898! They have a goal of becoming the region’s premier business bank. They cater to each and every person’s individual needs. Another way that PMH and Regent Bank are similar, is that they both have a very important set of core values that they are guided by on a daily basis. That is also what sets them apart from other banks and other Oklahoma City outdoor living space companies.

They will both do whatever it takes to make dreams come true! You really can’t go wrong with investing in an outdoor living space, because it will only increase the value of your home, and after you have spent years enjoying it, you will not have any problem selling your home and getting the money back that you put into it. Outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular all the time, and when buyers are looking for a new home, they are drawn more towards those that have existing outdoor living spaces. They are willing to pay more for those homes, and you will receive more offers than if you didn’t have that extra appeal in your backyard. PMH is home of the half-pergola. They are tied into the roof for extra security and take up less room than a traditional pergola and cost less.

However, if you want something spectacular, and space is not an issue, they can build a big, beautiful six-post pergola. PMH has been perfecting people’s homes for over fifteen years, and they have built pavilions out of the finest western red cedar, outdoor fireplaces out of brick or rock (or a combination of both), privacy walls with or without movable or stationary shutters, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, swimming pools and decks. They often extend their customer’s patios before beginning a project and can make those unique using stamped concrete.

Your outdoor living space can consist of one or many of the above-mentioned An Oklahoma City outdoor living space can increase your overall wellbeing. It has been proven by medical professionals that spending time outdoors can improve your overall health. It will also give you valuable time with your family, friends, and neighbors, and you will create memories that will last a lifetime. From birthday parties to holiday gatherings, you can’t put a price on entertaining in your outdoor living space—those moments are priceless! There are many benefits to an outdoor living space, and there are just as many benefits to choosing PMH. There are a multitude of things that set them apart from their competitors. They offer all their customers free estimates.

They are drone certified and have professional 3D designers in office that allow them the capabilities to show you exactly what your project will look like before it is built and installed. They want to make sure you are satisfied before you commit to the install. Every project they build is custom and unique. From quality work, affordability, communication and cleanliness, they cannot be beat by anyone else in the industry. Together with their relationship and partnership with Regent Bank, you can have the Oklahoma City outdoor living space of your dreams! Call PMH today for your free estimate and initial walkthrough, and then contact Regent Bank for your financing. You will be on your way to living in your outdoor oasis!