There are dozens of factors to consider when deciding whether to add an outdoor fireplace to your outdoor living space. One of the biggest factors for most people is the price. When researching prices and requesting estimates for your fireplace, there are a lot of things to take into consideration, like the size, materials, the extra features and add-ons, and the reputation of the company you are using. Something to keep in mind, is that while fireplaces do give off heat, they are typically installed for their ambiance. Outdoor fireplaces also add property value to your home. When weighing the options of a new home, buyers will almost always choose the ones with the most amenities, like an outdoor living space—specifically one with an fireplace.

At PMH OKC, we work with every customer’s budget to ensure they receive a quality fireplace at an affordable price. Another thing to keep in mind when getting price quotes, is that besides the main function of an outdoor fireplace, there are other functions of an outdoor fireplace that play into the overall price. You are getting a beautiful, outdoor, wood burning fireplace that also serves as a privacy wall, that not only gives you the privacy, but also blocks the wind and provides you with shade from the sun. You are paying for a multitude of things that your fireplace will provide on any given day, time, or occasion.

Fall season is the prime time for customers to start thinking about adding an outdoor fireplace to their outdoor living space. The weather is starting to cool off, and the holidays are approaching. It’s time for families to gather around the fire and give thanks!
At PMH OKC, our friendly and educated sales management team will meet with you to decide what size and materials will work best in your space. This may also include a patio expansion. You may also wish to include one of our custom television cabinets above your fireplace.
Another thing to take into consideration when choosing an outdoor fireplace is your fuel source. You will need to choose whether you want a propane, gas or electric
Our wood burning outdoor fireplaces are available in several different materials, including brick, stone, or brick with stone accents. Stone with brick accents, or a Drystack stone fireplace. The mantle is another feature to consider on your fireplace, which is available in cedar or stone. Wood storage and extended hearths are other features you will have the option of adding on to your outdoor fireplace.

You may also choose to add a television cabinet to your fireplace. At PMH OKC, we offer three different styles in a variety of sizes that will mount beautifully to your outdoor fireplace. The diagonal frame cedar television cabinet, vertical frame cedar television cabinet, and the horizontal frame cedar television cabinet, all come in your option of eight different stain colors: cedar tone, redwood, oxford brown, black, dark oak, grey, white, or whitewash. Television cabinets add an entirely different look to your overall fireplace!

Your outdoor fireplace can be as simple or as grand as you choose, and the price will vary depending on the extra features you choose, and whether your patio is needing to be extended to accommodate it.

When you’ve finally made your decision about what you want, including the extra features, our professional 3D designer will create a beautiful mockup of what your finished project will look like. Our sales management team will present the design to you, and at that time, you can make any and all necessary adjustments. You can see what your outdoor fireplace will look like with or without a custom television cabinet mounted about it, and with or without an extended hearth, and our various log holders.
An fireplace on your patio will extend your indoor living space into your backyard, and the great outdoors! With an outdoor fireplace, you will be able to spend time outside all year long. As always, all work we do is completely custom, so your fireplace is guaranteed to fit in with your house’s and family’s unique character.
Fun fact! Did you know that you can do more than just roast marshmallows with your outdoor fireplace? Sure, Smores are great, but with the right tools, you can grill over the fire in your outdoor fireplace as well! An fireplace can also mean having an outdoor kitchen!

An outdoor fireplace creates a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere outside your home. It provides the perfect place to entertain small or large groups of family and friends—all year long! The plus side of hiring PMH OKC to custom design and build your fireplace, is that you can make it fit your personal style. Whether you want something very traditional, ultra-modern, elegant, or shabby chic, we can design the right fireplace for you!  Whether you are looking for beauty, warmth, or a place to relax or entertain, an outdoor fireplace should be the focal point in your outdoor living space.