After you have hired PMH Perfect My Home, the highest-rated and most reviewed Outdoor Fireplace
builder Tulsa in the state of Oklahoma, who has been in business for over fifteen years, it is time to
select your décor. The décor is typically placed on the mantel or in place of the mantel. Your outdoor fireplace builder Tulsa will be able to advise you on what you can place on your mantel or in the place of your mantel, and that could even include a cedar TV cabinet that is designed by Patio Galaxy, PMH Perfect My Home’s sister company retail store and barbecue and outdoor living space accessory store with our great Outdoor Fireplace Decor services.

The cedar TV cabinet is the perfect addition to your outdoor fireplace and can be installed by your
outdoor fireplace builder Tulsa Cedar TV enclosures will keep your television protected against the dirt and rain and dust and snow and any other weather conditions that could potentially cause harm to your television with more levels of Outdoor Fireplace Decor. They also have storage for things that also need to be protected or hidden. They allow you to display a regular television instead of having to purchase an outdoor-rated television that could cost a lot more money than regular television.

Shelves for books are ideal for outdoor fireplaces because what better thing to do than to sit by a
fireplace and read a book to relax and enjoy the outdoors. If you are planning on using your outdoor
fireplace to cook, or if you have an outdoor kitchen in addition to your outdoor fireplace, you can
include cookbooks, or you can use that as your designated place to hold your cookbooks.

Plates can be displayed on or around or mounted to your outdoor fireplace for both form and function.
They can be displayed as decoration by using decorative plates or they can be used as a place to put plates
that are going to be used while outside eating with our great Outdoor Fireplace Decor services. Outdoor fireplaces are great for storing logs and for log storage when you are not using it for a fire. You can also have your outdoor fireplace builder Tulsa build in specific places to store logs, and you can choose nice looking trees like Aspen Trees that look nice on display year-round.

Plants and flowers always look nice on or around your outdoor fireplace because they add color and life
to your backyard’s outdoor living space. They can be changed out seasonally or as often as you want,
and plants can be used for many years.

It has been proven that mirrors can make your space look larger because they reflect the scene and
create an optical illusion. They can also be decorative to match the look of your outdoor living space.
Portraits can really make a statement. Whether that portrait is of a family member or someone famous
or fictional, they become the focal point of your backyard and can be a statement piece with our great Outdoor Fireplace Decor solutions today.

Art of any kind can be subjective and can be large or small or primitive or abstract. Art comes in a variety
of price ranges and should be protected against weather, and covered by a pergola or a pavilion so that
it is not damaged by the weather.

Vases are great but are also breakable, so you will want to place them down low and not on the mantel
where they could get knocked off onto the ground and break. It can be more difficult to clean up messes
in the backyard than inside, especially when it comes to glass if it gets into the grass and you or your kids or your pets are walking around barefoot.

Painting your outdoor fireplace can be a way of decorating it. It can be painted a bright and vivid color to
really make it pop, or it can be painted a neutral color to blend in or coordinate with your outdoor living
space. Your outdoor fireplace builder Tulsa can do that for you or contract someone to assist with that
aspect of your space for more levels of great Outdoor Fireplace Decor today. A cozy nook can be created around your outdoor fireplace by throwing a blanket onto it and placing some rocking chairs around it. There can be throw pillows and small side table included. You want to make sure that there is nothing flammable that could catch fire from flying embers.

Baskets are great because they are decorative and inexpensive and they can be used for storage. They
can hold anything from logs to books to blankets to remote controls for the television inside your
outdoor TV inside your television enclosure that is mounted to the front of your outdoor fireplace.
Collectibles of any kind can be placed on or around your outdoor fireplace to express your sense of style.
Lights always make a great addition to your outdoor living space, especially your outdoor fireplace. They
can be strung or hung around the fireplace permanently or on a temporary basis when it comes to your Outdoor Fireplace Decor.

Call PMH Perfect My Home today to schedule an appointment with an outdoor fireplace builder Tulsa.
They will come to your home and meet with you about your project and then they will make a sketch
and work up a quote. They will give you a free estimate on your project and line-by-line details on the
breakdown of the costs of the project.

Once your job is completed and paid for, you will receive a one-hundred-dollar gift card to Patio Galaxy
to purchase lights or a cedar TV enclosure or other items that can be used with your outdoor fireplace
and your outdoor living space.

PMH Perfect My Home is the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the
state of Oklahoma and beyond. You can read their reviews and watch their videos online and you can
see hundreds of photos of their work on their website and on their social media pages.