If you have always wanted an outdoor fireplace OKC in your backyard’s outdoor living space, but it is not in your budget, or if you do not have the room in your outdoor living space, you could always consider getting one of PMH’s handcrafted chimineas.
Just like their outdoor fireplace OKC, their chimineas come in brick, rock, or a combination of both. They can even use brick or rock that matches your home to tie it in and make it coordinate like it was built right along with the home, at the same time.
These chimineas can be used just like an outdoor fireplace OKC. They can be used as a heat source. You can sit next to them to stay warm in the wintertime. That way you can still enjoy the outdoors when the weather is cold.
You can cook with your chiminea. You can pile meat and veggies onto a skewer and hold it over the enclosed flame to cook it all the way through. You can add charcoal to give it a smoky flavor. You can cook smores or hot dogs or any types of foods that you would normally cook in an outdoor fireplace OKC.

If someone you know has a chiminea, you will never run out of gifts to purchase for them for their birthday, Christmas, or anniversary. Any accessory that you would buy for an outdoor fireplace OKC can be purchased for a chiminea.
If you have a pine tree in your backyard, you can collect the fallen pinecones and use those as a Firestarter in your chiminea. Since they are much smaller in size, you do not have to rely on large logs to get your fire started and to keep it going like you do with an outdoor fireplace OKC. They are also very different and unique looking so you will not see them in everyone’s backyard. They will be a conversation starter.

They can be built as short or as tall as you wish, but the overall width will remain the same. That is what differentiates them from a traditional fireplace. The top can be modified to your taste and style so that it has the cosmetic look you are after to match your home. They have wood holders in the bottom just like a traditional fireplace, but they do not have a hearth or anywhere you can sit. You must put a chair next to it to stay warm. Most chimineas that you see are tall and skinny on the top and form a bulbous shape towards the bottom. These are similar in shape and style, but they have a square and boxy shape to them instead. Just one of the many things that set it apart.

They are built at PMH, which stands for Perfect My Home, and each one is made to order and constructed at the customer’s home. The materials are delivered and dropped off and a crew builds it from the ground up. These woods burning chimineas are the cornerstone of your patio. They do not have all the optional upgrades that a full-sized one would have, but there are a few. You cannot mount a cedar TV cabinet it because it is not large enough. An iPad would work though!
You can’t put a mantel on it because it is so small.

Hearth extensions are not possible, because a hearth is not available on the chiminea like they are an outdoor fireplace. If you are interested in seeing one in person, you can stop by PMH’s outdoor showroom seven days a week where they have several different styles on display. They also have several traditional chimineas and several outdoor fireplaces so that you can compare and contrast the pros and cons of all three at the same time in the same place before making your decision about which one to buy.
PMH is the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living company in Oklahoma and they service the entire state. They build a variety of projects besides heat sources such as pergolas, pavilions, privacy walls, shutters, kitchens, swimming pools, benches, patio concrete, retaining walls, pavers, flagstones, and they even offer backyard packages that include several of these items together at a more affordable and economical price if purchased together at the same time.

PMH gives free in-home estimates to every customer no matter how big or how small the project is. They also offer 3D design packages to go along with your project so that you can see exactly what it will look like before it is installed in your backyard. PMH has been in business for over fifteen years and has been serving the entire state of Oklahoma in both residential and corporate sales for individual’s homes and businesses. You can visit the barbecue restaurant in Oklahoma City to see examples of their railing, pergolas, and fire pits. Whether you want a chiminea or a full-blown outdoor living space complete with a pergola, swimming pool and an outdoor kitchen, PMH is your trusted choice for all of your outdoor living wants and needs.