If you are inspired by the image above, call PMH Perfect My Home today and they can build an outdoor fireplace OKC for you today and you will quickly be on your way to hosting pool parties for you family and friends.
This outdoor fireplace OKC has been spruced us with wooden plaques, quirky décor and lots of plants. They all fit the theme of a poolside lounge. Without all of those items flanking the outdoor fireplace OKC, you would not feel like you were at the beach party, but just by adding those few things, it totally transforms the entire look and feel of the outdoor living space.
It does not hurt that there is a big beautiful pool next to the outdoor fireplace OKC.

When swimming pools are installed, there are a lot of different things to consider, like the size, the shape, and the color of the liner that will affect the color of the water once it is filled. This pool is bright blue, giving you the feeling of being at the beach.
There are still more things to consider like whether it has a deep end, a diving board, or steps or a tanning plank. These things can change both the look and the price of your swimming pool and could require you to change the overall size and shape of it in order to accommodate those added extras. Some people cannot live without certain amenities in their swimming pool, especially if they have always had a pool, and those things have always been a part of it, or if you have a disability that requires you to have things like steps, or if you cannot swim so you want to ensure that there is not a deep end so that you can still enjoy the pool without the constant worry about drowning in the water if you wander too far out into one end or the other.
An outdoor fireplace OKC is a perfect sidekick to a swimming pool. After a long day of swimming, you can warm up and dry off by the outdoor fireplace OKC. If you add an outdoor kitchen, you can even add a warming drawer to it. Most people use these for their intended purpose, which is to keep food warm, but it is becoming more popular for people to use these as towel warmers for their pool towels. Nothing feels better than to get out of the water and to grab a warm towel to dry off with.

There are a lot of hidden secret places in an outdoor living space that is just waiting to be discovered! Perfect My Home is your one-stop-shop for all things outdoor living. They can design, build, and install one item or an entire backyard package to create an oasis for your next staycation, which will be a permanent vacation because it will be in your home. A simple half-pergola tied into your roof can completely change the entire look of your patio and your backyard, but imagine adding a fireplace, a fire pit, or a hot tub underneath. If you want to really impress your neighbors, you can have a pavilion installed. Nothing makes an impression like a pavilion. They are very striking. They also serve a purpose and are very practical.
Pavilions can be used for shelter, for gathering groups of people, for covering patio furniture or an outdoor kitchen, among many other uses.

PMH specializes in outdoor living spaces and over the last fifteen years they have become the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the great state of Oklahoma. PMH can send their talented team to your home to transform your backyard with half-pergolas, freestanding pergolas, cedar pavilions, outdoor fireplaces, TV cabinets, privacy walls, cedar shutters, outdoor kitchens, picket pools and other kinds of swimming pools, fire pits, semicircle benches, composite decks, fences and railing, patio concrete, retaining walls, pavers and flagstone, custom designs and backyard packages with your choice of stain color. You can see over two hundred five-star reviews on their business page and over fifty video reviews from happy customers on their youtube channel.
The team at PMH attends dozens of tradeshows every year where you can go and meet the team and see their products in person. You can also visit their eighteen thousand square foot showroom seven days a week where you can get up close to all of their projects and you can see the workmanship and the craftsmanship and the actual stain colors and what the finished product looks like.

The showroom is like a catalog that has come to life right in front of your eyes. You must see it to believe it. There is at least one of every project that PMH can design for you on display in one place. From pavilions to firepits and even a swimming pool.
They even have a retail store where you can purchase accessories for your outdoor living space. If you hire PMH to build your outdoor kitchen, you can get a discount on all the name brand kitchen appliances from Patio Galaxy. They have everything from low end to the highest end appliances that the celebrity chefs use on their popular reality shows to their own personal kitchens. Call today to speak with someone in the office who will gladly schedule your free estimate.