Using your outdoor fireplace during every month of the year An outdoor fireplace OKC may seem like something that would only be useful in the cold winter months when the temperatures have fallen and you need a heat source to keep you warm when you are spending time outside in your outdoor living space. Although an outdoor fireplace OKC can be gorgeous to look at year-round, it can also be used during every month of the year. In January you can host a New Year’s Day party at your home, and you can light a fire and sip champagne. You can celebrate with the people in your home, or you could invite a few of your neighbors over, or you could have a huge party with all your friends from near and far. You can cook black-eyed peas and serve them to your guests, and they can sit outside and enjoy the warmth of your outdoor fireplace OKC while visiting and celebrating the new year and all the plans. In February you can plan a romantic evening for two around your outdoor fireplace OKC and you can drink wine and eat chocolate covered strawberries by the fire. You can light candles as well to add to the romance. You can decorate your mantel with red roses to add to the atmosphere. In March, as the weather starts to warm up, you can start to clean your outdoor fireplace OKC and get it ready for the spring and the warmer weather. You might start thinking about things you will cook with it like smores. In April, you can plan an Easter egg hunt that revolves around your outdoor fireplace OKC.

You can hide eggs for all the children. And you can place them inside or around the hearth or the wood storage compartment. In May, you can celebrate Mother’s Day by the fire, unless it is too warm, and then you can just sit around it and admire the beauty of it. It may be made of brick or rock or a combination of both. It could even be painted to match or complement your home. Most fireplaces are built to match the brick or rock that already exists on the home to make it appear as though it was already put in place when the house was built, instead of an afterthought. Regardless, it will add value to your home. In June, you can celebrate Father’s Day by watching a baseball game on the television that is inside your cedar TV cabinet that is mounted to your fireplace. You can cook hot dogs in your fireplace and eat them while you are watching the game and enjoying a great conversation.

You can also have fun with the décor and spruce it up with summer decorations. July is the perfect time to host a big, fun fourth of July party in your backyard and your family and friends and neighbors can enjoy your fireplace on your patio during and as part of the fun festivities. In August, it is time to go back to school or to plan a staycation, so it is a great time to relax in front of your fireplace. September is when the weather may start to cool off, so it is time to start thinking about using your fireplace for a heat source again. It is wise to start stocking up on firewood so that you are prepared and you do not have to go and buy it at the last minute.

October is a fun time to decorate your fireplace mantel with Halloween décor like pumpkins and fall flowers. November is when you can host your Thanksgiving dinner in your outdoor living space, and everyone can gather and give thanks around the roaring fire. You can roast marshmallows for a sweet treat. December is the time to decorate your fireplace mantel with stockings and Christmas lights and get it ready for daily use. You will also want to prepare it for Santa’s arrival. So, as you can see, you can use your outdoor fireplace and your outdoor living space all year long no matter what the holiday or the weather brings to your backyard. If you are interested in adding extra living space to your home with an outdoor living project, call PMH today and they will send a salesperson to your home to give you a free estimate.

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