I traveled to The Greens to meet this customer at her home. When I pulled into her driveway, she was sitting in her Jeep. She had just pulled in, so it was perfect timing. As soon as I got out of my car, I could see her incredible tall and massive outdoor fireplace OKC behind her house and adjacent to her garage.

At fourteen feet tall, her outdoor fireplace OKC was built entirely out of a light tan rock with white accents, that popped as it rose out of her red brick patio and stood tall next to her yellow brick house.

This outdoor fireplace OKC was unique and unusually built as it had only one hearth on one side, giving it a capital “L” shape. The top was completely flat, accentuating that shape.

The homeowner asked me if I would like her to start a fire in her outdoor fireplace OKC for the photos, and I was thrilled! Live fires always look fantastic in photos.

I helped her carry the wood from her large woodpile over to the fireplace. She said that she has had it for seven days, and she has used it every single night. She absolutely loves it. She called herself a pyromaniac!

The fire started fast and grew quickly, so I got some great action shots of the flames. We filled the side holder with logs for the photos.

She was more than happy to do the thirty-second video review about how much she loves her outdoor fireplace OKC, and she did what few people do, and she spoke freely without me having to ask her each question. I love it when people do that. I believe it has only happened three times.

After I finished taking the photos of her outdoor fireplace OKC, she invited me into her home so that she could write a check for the final payment.

I complimented her on her beautiful home, and she said that it is usually a lot cleaner, but her daughter was home from college because of the coronavirus.

I happened to glance over towards the curio cabinet in her living room (I recently acquired a curio cabinet from a friend, and I love decorating it and changing things up during each season and for the holidays) so I like to see what other people are putting in theirs. I did a double-take when I saw a photograph of her and actor Matt Damon!

I commented on it, and she said that even though she is not very star-struck, she has always been a big fan of Matt Damon. When she found out that he was going to be in Oklahoma for a movie premiere, she bought tickets for her and her daughter to go, and they happened to stop next to his car at a red light! They waved to him and he waved back!

They had a very strong feeling that he was going to be staying at the Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, so they went there to try to see him and to get a photo with him. When they arrived, they walked in the front door and found him and his wife and their kids standing in the lobby checking out! She and her daughter approached him and asked him for a photo, and he said yes. She said that they must have taken hundreds of photos together that night! She was so ecstatic!

She had a four by six print in a fancy frame, front and center in her curio cabinet.

I know the feeling. I have had a few brushes with fame myself: actor Tom Selleck, former New York Yankees shortstop and captain Derek Jeter, model and actress Rachel Hunter, actor Brad Johnson, actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth, soap opera star Don Diamont, and actor Mark Harmon. I got photos with a few of them, and autographs from a few others.

As she walked me to the door, our conversation somehow turned from talking about actor Matt Damon to talking about actor Tom Hanks?!

She was a lot of fun to talk to and hang out with while I was taking photographs of her finished project.

If you are interested in an outdoor fireplace, call PMH and they will send one of their salesman to your home to give you a free estimate on a woodburning fireplace made out of brick or rock or brick with rock accents or rock with brick accents. An outdoor fireplace provides warmth, privacy, shade, and they can block the wind.

They are the focal point of a patio, and there are so many extras that can be included to make it unique to your own taste and style. A cedar mantel, a cedar TV cabinet, a stone mantel, a hearth extension, wood storage below the hearth, and wood storage on either side. The possibilities are endless and you can mix and match any of them.

If an outdoor fireplace is not in your budget, ask the team at PMH about their custom chimineas that have the look of a small fireplace. Depending on what you are wanting or needing it for, a fire pit may also be just what you need.