When I arrived at the customer’s home, the homeowner invited me inside and I was greeted by his two sweet dogs. They were a little timid and shy and decided to go and hang out in the living room on top of the back of the sofa! They were big, so it was surprising to see them sitting up there.

After visiting about the dogs for a few minutes, he took me into his backyard where his outdoor living space project that PMH custom built and installed looked like the lounge area inside a lodge.

The large brick and rock combination outdoor fireplace OKC was the focal point of the space, and it was surrounded by a western red cedar pergola, and two solid privacy walls on either side. The dark brown wicker furniture placed around the inside matched the stain color of the pergola and as well as the brick color of the outdoor fireplace OKC, and it tied everything together. The mantel over the outdoor fireplace OKC also coordinated.

The area was surrounded by trees, which made a nice backdrop, and there were several large, colorful pots in blues and oranges that really popped against the darkly stained space.

The wood storage was placed below the hearth on the outdoor fireplace OKC and it was full of firewood.

The privacy walls on either side of the outdoor fireplace OKC and below the pergola that was covered with a polycarbonate roofing (thank goodness for that because it started to rain while I was there) I was glad that this customer had a full enclosed and covered outdoor living space.

The space was large, and there was enough seating for ten people and even more if some were standing or sitting on the outdoor fireplace OKC hearth.

After I finished taking the photos of the project, the customer agreed to do the thirty-second video review. He stood in front of the fireplace, and even though we did not get wet under the pergola, you could see and hear the rain in the video. I thought it was great because you could see the rain coming down in the background, but he was staying completely dry. I thought that was great advertising right there! A great selling point! You can still enjoy your outdoor living space and spend time outside even if it is raining.

That is one of the many things that sets PMH apart from their competition. For those who choose not to purchase a solid top or shingled pergola, they will automatically install a polycarbonate roof on top of your pergola. Every customer gets their choice of a clear or UV tinted plastic. The clear is virtually invisible to the eye, and disappears into the top of the pergola while doing its job to keep rain, snow, hail and fall leaves and bugs from falling on top of you while you are sitting underneath it.

The UV tinted polycarbonate roof gives the customers a few added benefits. It provides the space with more shade, and it blocks the UV rays that can cause skin cancer and sun damage. It has enough of a grey tint to it that it is more visible than the clear polycarbonate roofing, but to many, it is worth it for the added shade and overall protection. The one thing that PMH has perfected over the years as they have perfected homes is that the polycarbonate roofing requires plenty of nails to hold it down. The winds in Oklahoma can be very high and can cause it to blow off or come loose. That issue was resolved and has not come up anymore.

Other than that, the customers love it, and are very happy with it and everything that comes along with having it.

PMH has been doing business with people across the entire state of Oklahoma for over fifteen years, and they are the highest rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the sooner state.

They do not stop at pergolas and outdoor fireplaces; they are experts in the field of everything outdoor. From swimming pools to outdoor kitchens to retaining walls and privacy walls. You name it and they can make it. Everything is made from one-hundred-percent western red cedar.

When you are working with real wood like cedar, cracking is common and inevitable. With cedar, there is a term for it, and it is called checking. That is when the wood dries and expands and starts to crack. It makes it more stable, but customers often worry about the integrity of the overall structure. PMH has a lot of information and photos for customers so that they can educate homeowners about checking and cracking to reassure them. It really does give it a lot of added character.

Once everything is laid out and explained to the customers, they are usually very happy and satisfied and understanding of this, and they do not worry about it anymore.

In the rare case that the checking or cracking goes all the way through the cedar post from one side to the other and you can see all the way through it, then it becomes a problem and PMH will correct it by replacing the entire post.

That is very unusual for a cedar post to get to that point, but sometimes there is a bad piece of wood out there and it becomes a problem.

One of our salesmen tells customers to wait all four seasons to see how it holds up and if the cracks get wider though the temperature changes.

PMH always makes sure that the customers are happy in the end! If you are ready to get started on your outdoor living space project, just call PMH and they will send someone to your home to give you a free estimate. They will discuss the details, give your ideas and suggestions, and offer you a 3D design package so that you can see what your custom project will look like before it is built and installed in your backyard.