I was in my office one afternoon when I received a call that I needed to rush to Edmond to photograph an outdoor fireplace OKC. It was explained to me that the homeowner is a surgeon and practically lives at the hospital and I might have a very difficult time getting ahold of her to schedule the final project photos of her outdoor fireplace OKC, and since she lives in a gated community, it might be difficult to drop by and do it anytime.

The project managers were going to be there doing their final cleanup and walk through that afternoon, so the gate would be open, so I could get photos of the outdoor fireplace OKC. However, when I arrived, the gate was locked!

I called the project manager and he said that he was on his way if I wanted to wait on him, but he also let me know that there was another way in through the side road just west of the gate. I could park in the open field next to the home and walk into the backyard to access the outdoor fireplace OKC to take photos.

I decided to go that route, and it was very simple to park and walk over towards the direction of the outdoor fireplace OKC. There was a large dog in the yard that started running towards me, but fortunately, I am not afraid of dogs. I just walked towards it and put my hand out to pet it, and it sat down in front of me and looked up at me with its big brown eyes and started wagging its tail.

I took that opportunity to take a few photos of the sweet dog, since I have a side job as a professional pet photographer, and I always take that chance when I have it!

As I got closer, I was absolutely mesmerized by the massively gorgeous outdoor fireplace! The home itself was amazing and enormous and modern, and the outdoor fireplace OKC was well matched.

I photographed it from every single angle—front, sides, and back. Top to bottom. It was so beautiful!

The outdoor fireplace was made completely out of stone and had a smooth ledge for extra seating on the patio.

Behind the fireplace was the most exquisite landscaping full of every type of evergreen imaginable, and topiary bushes. At first, I mistook the little red flags for little red flowers, which makes me think that red flowers would look nice planted around her house. The really would stand out against all the light brick and stonework on the house and the fireplace.

In addition to the fireplace, PMH also poured a concrete sidewalk with steps leading up to the back door of the house behind the fireplace.

As I was leaving, I took more photos of the cute dog, and then I saw our project manager pulling up towards the house. I stopped to talk to him. He said that he did not realize when I called to ask him about the gate being locked that I was already there. He thought I was still at the office and getting ready to head that way, or he would have gone ahead and met me out there.

We visited for a few minutes and then I headed out to go back to work. Outdoor fireplaces can be used simply as décor, as a heat source or to cook with. Or they can do all three things. They are an excellent investment because of what you can use them for as well as how nice they look and the fact that it will increase your overall home value when you decide to sell your house.

PMH prides itself on being the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the entire state of Oklahoma. They give customers extra options that no other construction company does, like three-dimensional design packages that allow customers to see what the project is going to look like before it is installed in their backyard.

Besides outdoor fireplaces, PMH can perfect your home with any of the following projects to enhance the look of your backyard: half pergolas, stain existing projects, freestanding pergolas, backyard packages that include multiple projects, cedar pavilions, pavers, flagstones, decorative stamped concrete, cedar TV cabinet add-ons, patio concrete expansions, privacy walls, retaining walls, cedar shutters that come both stationary and operational, fences, railing, outdoor kitchens, composite decks, swimming pools, semicircle benches, and fire pits.

Every project is custom-designed, built, and installed to the customer’s wants and needs, so no project is too big or too small or too unique or unusual for PMH to tackle.

PMH has been family owned and operated for over fifteen years and they have perfected every project that they do.

They have expert staff in every department that can handle anything that arises daily.

Call PMH today or contact them through the website or one of their social media sites for more info on our Outdoor Fireplace OKC.