PMH Perfect My Home has created their own chiminea that falls somewhere between their outdoor fireplace Tulsa and their fire pits that they design, build and install in backyards across the state of Oklahoma. Just like an outdoor fireplace Tulsa and a fire pit, their chiminea’s can be built out of rock, brick or a combination of both. They can be placed anywhere in an outdoor living space and enjoyed for their beauty and the functionality involved from cooking or heating an area or a group of people.

When deciding between an outdoor fireplace Tulsa, a fire pit or a chiminea, you will first want to determine how much space you have available, because that will be a big factor in what you have room for, and then you will want to decide how much money you want to spend and have available to spend on one of these items.

The size and the materials will affect the overall cost, but in general, a fire pit will be the least expensive of the three, followed by the chiminea and lastly, the outdoor fireplace Tulsa. How often you will be using it, and what you will be using it for will also be determining factors you will need to consider when choosing one of the three to have designed, built and installed in your backyard’s outdoor living space. Whether you will be doing a lot of entertaining, and exactly who you will be entertaining will be helpful in deciding what kind of impression you want to make on your guests.

Regardless of which one you choose, any of the three mentioned will add value to your home. What you put into it you will get out of it when you decide to sell your home. You will find that when homebuyers are house hunting, comparing a home with an outdoor heat source will be far more appealing than one without. The upkeep is minimal, and even if they never use it for what it is intended for, it will be a beautiful structure to look at. Especially an outdoor fireplace Tulsa, which is often seen as the centerpiece and focal point of a backyard’s outdoor living space.

PMH Perfect My Home will send a salesman out to your house to give you a free estimate, and while they are there, they can determine which one would work best in the space you have available. They can make suggestions and recommendations about what your best investment will be for you and your home and your backyard. There may be more involved in the project than just the heat source, like pouring new or extending the existing concrete pad in order to build an outdoor fireplace Tulsa or a fire pit.

A chiminea can often sit on the ground, but that is something that city permits and building codes will determine. PMH Perfect My Home has been in business for more than fifteen years and they have become the highest rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the state of Oklahoma. They have been helping customer’s dreams come true by adding outdoor living spaces to their backyards.

In addition to outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and chimineas, they can design, build and install pergolas, pavilions, privacy walls, shutters, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, benches, decks, fences, railings, concrete, retaining walls, pavers, flagstone, and packages that combine several of these. They will work with budgets and time frames to make sure every customer is able to live their best lift outside of their home’s four walls. You can visit their website or their social media platforms to see examples of projects they have completed, or you can visit their eighteen thousand square foot showroom that has examples of everything they can do in your backyard.

You can see the materials they use and the stain colors that are true to life of what they will look like. All of their work is custom, so you can show them photos that inspired you to want to build a project in your own backyard and make it your own so that it is unique to you and your backyard. PMH Perfect My Home is expanding regionally with new offices in Texas, Kansas and Arkansas. They can now help customers bring their boring backyards to life with a custom outdoor living space that they can enjoy for many years to come.

They have a sister company retail store that offers everything that has to do with barbecue, including grills, smokers, sauces, rubs, dusts, pergola accessories that include café lights, post bands and stain to touch-ups. They have a Man Cave with a tasting bar where you can sample any edible item before you buy it so that you do not get home and discover that you do not like the taste of it or that it is too sweet or too spicy. Try it before you buy it is the motto at the man cave.

Every Friday you can stop in and try any of the edible items on freshly popped popcorn. Or you can try it alone on a spoon or on an unsalted pretzel. This is available six days a week, Monday through Saturday. You can visit both the PMH Perfect My Home and the Patio Galaxy showrooms to see the outdoor kitchens and the outdoor kitchen appliances that they custom build them for.

If you are still not convinced, simply go online and read over two hundred- and fifty-five-star reviews and watch over seventy-five video reviews from happy customers. Then you can decide for yourself if PMH Perfect My Home is the company you want to use to build your outdoor fireplace Tulsa and the rest of you outdoor living space in your home’s backyard.