An outdoor fireplace Tulsa is a big investment, so you may want to weigh the pros and cons of whether you want to spend the money on an outdoor fireplace Tulsa or if you would rather spend less and get a fire pit. Both will enhance your outdoor living space, and both are beautiful and functional, but there are as many similarities as there are differences. When you schedule an appointment for a free estimate with a PMH Perfect My Home salesman, they can explain the details of both an outdoor fireplace Tulsa and a fire pit so that you can make an educated decision about which one you should invest in. There are many pros and cons to having an Outdoor Fireplace Tulsa installed in the outdoor living space in your backyard.

Depending on where you decide to place your outdoor fireplace Tulsa, you could be faced with a space issue. That could be a positive or a negative space issue. When placed under a pergola or a pavilion on the edge of a patio, it could act as a wall and take up less space than if you decide to have it built in the center of your backyard, where you would have to work around it when cleaning, sweeping, mowing, etc. This is something serious to consider that you can speak with your salesman about.

An outdoor fireplace Tulsa can and will make a big statement in your backyard’s outdoor living space. Whether it is built out of brick or rock, or a combination of both, it will be the centerpiece of your backyard and it will make a statement in your outdoor living space.

Smoke is less intrusive in an outdoor fireplace Tulsa than it is with a fire pit because it travels up through the chimney top and out into the air and away from the people who are sitting around it. You can mount a Patio Galaxy cedar TV cabinet to the front of your outdoor fireplace and add an element of entertainment to your outdoor living space.

You can decorate the mantel and add a sense of style not only to your outdoor fireplace but to your entire outdoor living space and backyard. You can make the decorations seasonal or match your own personal style or make it an extension of your decorations inside your home. More design features are available with an outdoor fireplace, specifically when it comes to the design and the shape and the height and width of your outdoor fireplace.

Code regulations are required when hiring professionals to design, build and install an outdoor fireplace in your backyard’s outdoor living space. So, you will need to be prepared to deal with those when they come up. Propane or gas are both options when you have an outdoor fireplace installed. You will have the option if you want or if you do not have the option, you can rest easy knowing that either one will work for you and your home.

More privacy is provided when you have an outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace, depending on how tall and wide will look and act as a privacy wall that will block the view of your surrounding neighbors giving you a lot of privacy that you may not have realized that you wanted or needed. An outdoor fireplace will also block the high winds that often occur year-round in Oklahoma, where PMH Perfect My Home is headquartered and builds all their outdoor fireplaces.

If it is not something that you considered when hiring them to build and install your outdoor fireplace, it will come as a nice surprise when you are sitting around enjoying and admiring its beauty while not being distracted and made uncomfortable by the high winds that can be very annoying. Outdoor fireplaces, due to their complexity and size are considerably more expensive than an outdoor fire pit.

You will need to check your budget to see which one you can afford. An outdoor fireplace requires permits before it can be installed. There are just as many pros and cons to getting a fire pit and most match up with the pros and cons of getting an outdoor fireplace. What is a pro for one will be a con for the other and vice versa. You can gather around a fire pit much easier than you can with an outdoor fireplace.

If you are interested in cooking or staying warm around the fire, you will need to be close, and that is only possible for so many people to do around an outdoor fireplace, whereas a fire pit is typically located in a more open area and with it being round, more people can gather around it. You can provide more seating around a fire pit, allowing you to host more family and friends. Wood or gas are both options when it comes to a fire pit, but propane is not an option. A fire pit will not obstruct property views like an outdoor fireplace will. They have a very low profile that sits low to the ground.

Fire pits are far less expensive than an outdoor fireplace allowing for you to save money and add a pergola to your outdoor living space with the money you will save. A fire pit will not block the wind and it will not provide privacy, so if those are important to you, you will want to opt for an outdoor fireplace. Both are great additions and will bring you years of enjoyment and add value to your home.