After you have purchased your Outdoor Fireplace Tulsa, it is time to select your materials. There are a
variety of materials to choose from, and it is either a personal choice based on what you prefer, or it
could be a matter of matching the materials used in your house. PMH Perfect My Home specializes in
matching the materials on your home when they build your outdoor fireplace Tulsa so that it looks like it
was built at the same time as your home.

Stone is one of the most common materials used on an outdoor fireplace Tulsa.
Rock and stone are often used interchangeably and can look the same with some slight differences.
Next to stone, brick is probably the second most common material used to construct an outdoor
fireplace Tulsa. Like stone, there are a variety of different types of brick and colors of brick that can be
used. Brick can also be painted to match your home. The plaster will give your outdoor fireplace a modern look and can help you achieve a specific shape if that is what you are interested in.

You can also use a combination of different materials to build your outdoor fireplace Tulsa. Brick and
rock combination fireplaces are very common. Whether it is brick with rock accents or rock with brick
accents, they both give a specific look that is very bold and dimensional.
There are additional materials that can be used as well like wood to make a mantel or metal to give it a
tougher more modern look.

Stone fireplaces can be tall and skinny vertical rectangle-shaped. It can also take on a square shape. It
can be made from similarly shaped stones all the way or from a combination of small, medium, and large
stones to give it more depth and dimension. There are different colored stones that you can choose
from. Typically, they come in neutral colors from blacks and tans to creams and whites and greys and
browns in every shade of each from light to dark. Using stone can give your outdoor fireplace Tulsa a
very rustic look and feel. You will often see a stone fireplace with a pizza oven built into it.
Stone is a natural material that is fire-resistant, making it an ideal material for building an outdoor
fireplace. You can arrange the stone in a more neat and orderly fashion, but most who choose to use
stone is after that rustic look.

Because of how fire resistant it is, brick has always been a go-to material for building fireplaces. The brick will allow for more design options when choosing the look, while most brick is red in color, that is what people choose when they want that shade to match their look. At one time, most homes were built out
of classic red brick, so a lot of fireplaces are built to match that same brick.

Brick can be cut to create some interesting geometric styles and designs. With both stone and brick, a
a lot of people decide to have patios and retaining walls made from the same matching materials to
coordinate the look of their outdoor living space.

Something fun about brick is the pattern that you can make. Plaster has a very smooth and uniform look to it and is very appealing to a lot of people, but not as common as brick and stone. It is most often seen in southwest style homes and in the southwest part of the United States. Because of its bright white appearance, it usually has an inlay of terra cotta clay as well as some colorful tiles to give it a pop of color and add a design element to an otherwise plain and simple look. Not to say that plaster is plain, you can have a very striking outdoor fireplace Tulsa using plaster.

Some outdoor fireplace designs can only be achieved when using certain materials, and that is
something that you can discuss with your salesman and your project manager at PMH Perfect My Home.
They will advise on materials, designs, budgets, styles, and space. There are instances when you may
have to have extra concrete poured for your outdoor fireplace to sit on or you may have to go with a fire
pit instead or one of their custom chimineas that is between a fire pit and a fireplace but is completely
customizable and can be made from either rock or stone or a combination of both or accented with one
or the other.

Other projects that PMH Perfect My Home can include along with your outdoor fireplace are pergolas
and pavilions which work well to cover your patio so that you can enjoy spending time using your
outdoor fireplace even when it is windy or raining. Heat lamps can be installed around the inside
perimeter so that it will keep you warm in the winter.

Swimming pools, decks, retaining walls, fire pits, are all options that can be added to your project, and
even privacy walls, outdoor kitchens, semicircle benches, fences, railing, and packages that include a
combination of several of these projects.

Everything is custom and if you have a picture of something that you want to give them as inspiration,
they can use that to custom create the backyard of your dreams. The talented team at PMH Perfect My Home has over fifteen years of experience designing, building, and installing outdoor fireplaces and they have used various materials on their custom projects. There is not a size limit or maximum or material that they cannot and will not work with.

PMH Perfect My Home is also the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the
the state of Oklahoma and they have branched out and are opening locations in other areas of the state as
well as regionally in Texas, Kansas, and Arkansas.