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Outdoor Fireplaces | Looking To Have A Good Fire Outside?

Whether a family is gathered around heating hotdogs, or roasting marshmallows for s’mores on a Saturday night, or a group of guys are engaging in conversation after a long day at work; outdoor fireplaces can fit any individual or family’s lifestyle when it comes to the desired need for the best Tulsa outdoor living space.

Today, outdoor fireplaces have become a staple at homes across the United States. Typically situated on a concrete, brick, or stone patio, under a pergola or pavilion that blocks the wind and rain, where they can be enjoyed year-round. The idea is that these outdoor fireplaces can be used regardless of the weather temperatures or conditions. There is nothing more beautiful in the wintertime than a snow- covered fireplace.
As Oklahoman’s know, the weather conditions can be extreme. Sunny and warm one day, and then waking up to snow and ice the next! It’s important to choose a company like PMHOKC, who will use materials that will hold up to these constant changes. One of the benefits of an outdoor fireplace is the ability of the overall structure to block the Oklahoma wind.

As restaurant patios are becoming more popular, outdoor fireplaces are being placed in a centralized location to keep guests warm and enhance and improve the atmosphere of Tulsa outdoor living spaces. Because people are naturally drawn to the warm glow of a fireplace!
Outdoor fireplaces are very eye-catching, and can add a touch of romance, as well as give a person a taste of nature. The feelings of an outdoor fire burning can be interpreted in many ways, making them more popular than ever before with a wide variety of people of all ages and demographics. Children and adults alike will find joy in them.

In some cases, outdoor fireplaces can provide privacy from close neighbors. Something that is important to many homeowners. Especially in housing additions where homes are situated closely together.

Always keep in mind that some cities require permits before outdoor fireplaces can be built and installed in backyards. It’s important to contact the appropriate people to make sure everything is legally in place before you begin, so that your big dream project doesn’t become a big headache!
A majority of homeowners and restaurant operators take price into consideration when considering an outdoor fireplace. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to size, style, design, materials, and location, so prices can vary drastically. The occasional customer will leave it up to the company to determine the price, but most will shop around and compare prices before committing to the perfect fireplace.
PMHOKC has almost 15 years of experience building custom outdoor fireplaces from brick to stone, and they look forward to expanding their services to create the state’s most beautiful custom fireplaces at Tulsa outdoor living spaces.

From simple to elaborate, the possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor fireplaces. PMHOKC works very closely with customers to ensure that they get exactly what they want and need, while
working within their personal budgets. All the work is custom designed and built to meet the customer’s desires for a dream fireplace.
If you don’t think you have the space to have a custom outdoor fireplace, PMHOKC specializes in extending patios to blend with the existing patio, in order to accommodate a custom, brick outdoor fireplace. Something to take into serious consideration is the placement, since outdoor fireplaces are created and built to remain in the same spot.

The talented design team at PMHOKC can create an attached outdoor fireplace that blends in seamlessly with the Tulsa outdoor living space’s façade, turning it into the ultimate hangout space!
From classic or traditional to rustic or modern, PMHOKC will work with customers to design and create the style of outdoor fireplace to fit their taste! An outdoor fireplace can turn a plain space into a welcoming area.
When people want to add a lot of character to their outdoor fireplace, they almost always choose painted brick, like PMHOKC’s popular white painted brick fireplaces.

When customers let the sales and design team at PMHOKC know that they want a sleek and modern look to their outdoor fireplace, they typically go with painted black brick. There’s nothing quite as glamourous!
Stonework is often more visually interesting, but brick is always stunning! There’s never a bad choice when choosing the materials, and that is what PMHOKC is there for, to guide the customer every step of the way from the initial phone call, to the completion of the project.
PMHOKC thinks of every single detail, like custom built-in spaces to hold wood.

Outdoor fireplaces are often the center, focal-point of an outdoor living space; so more thought is put into the size, color, and material used to construct it, depending on whether it is needed as a decorative piece, to put out heat, or to cook a pizza.
One of the many reasons that people are choosing to add outdoor fireplaces is to add monetary value to their homes. Outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular nationwide. It’s a fun and unique feature that can really help to sell a home. Even if you don’t end up using it as much as you thought you would, it can ultimately increase the overall value of your home.

PMHOKC takes a lot of pride in every step of every project, especially the installation, because when done properly, the upkeep is very minimal, and there isn’t a lot of work that has to be done to keep an outdoor fireplace in great shape.
PMHOKC can design and build the most simple fireplace for the small space or budget conscious customer, the popular standalone brick fireplaces, to large custom stonework outdoor fireplaces with integrated wood-burning pizza ovens for the full outdoor kitchen, or any other fireplace design that fits the customer’s wants and needs for their Tulsa outdoor living space.
In short, outdoor fireplaces are definitely worth the investment for all Tulsa outdoor living spaces.