With an Outdoor Kitchens OKC, you are ready to celebrate one of the most popular outdoor holidays, the Fourth of July! You can cook all the holiday’s essentials like hamburgers and hot dogs outside while your guests enjoy the outdoors! Having kitchen outside means never having to leave your outdoor living space because today’s Outdoor Kitchens OKC are capable of housing everything from a refrigerator to preserve your food and keep it cold until you are ready to throw it on the grill or put it in the smoker, a built-in trash can where you can dispose of all your trash, and warming drawers. There are so many other additions to an Outdoor Kitchens OKC that you can mimic your indoor kitchen and cook the same things outside as you would inside.

PMH Perfect My Home has been designing, building, and installing custom kitchens for their customer’s outdoor living spaces for over fifteen years. During that time, PMH Perfect My Home has made hundreds of customers happy by expanding their living space into the outdoors so that they can have more livable and workable space for themselves, their family, and for entertaining their friends and neighbors. PMH Perfect My Home has an eighteen thousand square foot indoor and outdoor showroom that has several examples of different Outdoor Kitchens OKC. PMH Perfect My Home shares this showroom with their sister company and retail store called Patio Galaxy that sells a wide variety of Outdoor Kitchens OKC appliance in every name brand available so that they can give you a discount on both the custom build and the appliances that fit inside it.

Some of the many appliance brands that Patio Galaxy sells for the PMH Perfect My Home kitchens include Blaze, Lynx, Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Twin Eagles, Del Sol, Bull, Primo, Lion, Coyote, AOG, and Fire Magic. The actual kitchen itself can be built out of brick, rock, or a combination of both. They can be custom-built to any size or shape, but the two most popular are the straight and the L-shape. They are made using mortar joints or dry stack joints and with or without a raised bar top. All kitchens come with a granite countertop and PMH Perfect My Home works closely with a local granite company to give you plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the granite you want. Pro Tip: it is best to choose a darker color rather than a lighter color because overtime the lighter color could turn a yellowish color from the sunlight.

That is why it is wise to also cover your outdoor kitchen with a patio covering like a pergola or a pavilion. The best part of hiring PMH Perfect My Home to custom build your kitchen from scratch, no pun intended, is that they also specialize in patio coverings. PMH Perfect My Home is known as the Home of the Half-Pergola. A pergola that is tied into your roof. Outdoor kitchens can be made to look very simple, or they can be built to look very elaborate. Outdoor kitchens OKC pair nicely with all other outdoor living space projects, all of which PMH Perfect My Home can include in one of their backyard packages. These packages can be customized or modified or created to fit your wants and your needs. These packages have become very popular and big sellers at the trade show they attend throughout the year. Some of the other projects included in the backyard packages include outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, TV cabinets, semicircle benches, fences, railings, stamped and decorative concrete, and pavers and flagstone.

Retaining and Privacy walls to go around your kitchen. PMH Perfect My Home serves the entire state of Oklahoma and they are the highest-rated and most reviewed outdoor living space company in the state of Oklahoma, and they are expanding regionally to Texas to serve on of the nation’s largest states. You can read over two-hundred five-star reviews online and watch over fifty video reviews from happy customers to verify what a great company PMH Perfect My Home is as a construction company. They pride themselves on their customer service, often referring to it as customer-obsessed because they are passionate about making the customer happy with the product, the service and the communication and the cleanliness.

If you want an outdoor living space that is extra special and unique, call PMH Perfect My Home today to schedule your free estimate. Free estimates are just one of the many things that set PMH Perfect My Home apart from its competitors. They also offer three-dimensional designs of all their projects by sending their Information Technology Director to your home to fly a drone over you home to take photos and then passing those photos along to their in-house three-dimensional designer so that he can create the design. He will design it to look exactly how it will look at your home so that you can see what it will look like both during the day and at night with special lighting so that you can make any changes you wish to make before it is permanently installed in your backyard.
So, call today and have your outdoor kitchen installed in time to use it during the next holiday!